More About My Style

I think some people aren’t sure of scope and intensity of play I offer. So I’ll discuss it a little more.

First, the context for everything I do is through my having a genuinely Dominant personality. Because I actually want … continue reading “More About My Style”

Mistress Tissa On Coalition Radio Rescheduled To Friday, August 7, 9:45PM EST

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Mistress Tissa On Coalition Radio – Friday, July24, 9:45PM EST – POSTPONED

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New Testimonial From Bmore

“I had my first 90 minute session with Mistress Tissa, and I couldn’t have been happier! Mistress Tissa really took the time to understand what I was looking for in my session and went above and beyond. Temenos (her space)

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Interview With Coalition Radio

On Friday the 16th, I was interviewed by Pat of Coalition Radio. In the interview, I discuss the SESTA bill. I touch on various related issues, but focus on what I believe are the psychosocial origins of the … continue reading “Interview With Coalition Radio”

Testimonial From slut b

“Mistress Tissa, i want to thank You so very much for allowing me the privilege of seeing You. … You challenge both my mind and body. Your questions and comments are very insightful and thought provoking. i have a long

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Cleansing Luke

Luke needed another attitude adjustment. And I was just the person to give it.

Thorough discipline. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

Total Dominance. Mind, body, and soul.

Then, he needed to be tied…


…in a configuration befitting the sacrifice of body and … continue reading “Cleansing Luke”

Testimonial From C & M

Mistress Tissa,

We want to thank you for an incredible evening.  We have spent much of today thinking about how best to put our reactions into words.  The scene was crafted beautifully; the level of thought and care you put into it

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