Looking To Get Into The Biz? Read This.

Many people come into forums for professionals and ask us what they need to do to be a pro. What you may notice is that most of the time these posts don’t receive replies. Why? Because we’re already tired from … continue reading “Looking To Get Into The Biz? Read This.”

Slut Venus’s Testimonial

After our session, she sent me this:

“In case it was not obvious, I thought our session was very hot. My pussy was wet the entire time.

I truly couldn’t of asked for a better session as my first real

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“Best Domme in Tri State? Mistress Tissa!!”

“in my 30 year journey, finding myself through the guidance of so many wonderful Dommes, I have never found anyone like Mistress Tissa. the intelligence, intensity, imagination & articulation, is a combination that has left me spinning for days after

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Mistress Tissa: Professional Bitch

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Welcoming Loso to Temenos

Loso recently came for his first session with me. This is what he wrote to me afterward (edited slightly for privacy):

After reflecting on our session I was impressed with the entire experience from the pre-session communication to the

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Testimonial From slave 70

I welcomed slave 70 to Temenos recently. Here is what he wrote to me afterward:

I greatly appreciate you inviting me into Your world and into Temenos for the afternoon. I appreciate all the time, effort and energy You continue reading “Testimonial From slave 70”

To Aspiring and Practicing Pro Dommes

I know that this work can demand a lot from you, and you may feel you can’t do everything, so you look for “help”. You may look for ideas about what to offer, how much to charge, and where to … continue reading “To Aspiring and Practicing Pro Dommes”