The Plagiarism Wall Of Shame

Plagiarism. I’ve spoken about it several times before. It’s a regular issue, because, apparently, I’m so damn awesome that people want to copy me.

I often find my writing, and occasionally my photos, in all sorts of places online: Dommes’ … continue reading “The Plagiarism Wall Of Shame”

To Aspiring and Practicing Pro Dommes

I know that this work can demand a lot from you, and you may feel you can’t do everything, so you look for “help”. You may look for ideas about what to offer, how much to charge, and where to … continue reading “To Aspiring and Practicing Pro Dommes”

Let’s Talk Plagiarism…Again

I have seen yet another Domme plagiarize me. I don’t know if this is being done intentionally or in ignorance. Either way, let me give some examples for any Dommes who are reading my blog and counterfeiting my ideas, or … continue reading “Let’s Talk Plagiarism…Again”