Looking To Get Into The Biz? Read This.

Many people come into forums for professionals and ask us what they need to do to be a pro. What you may notice is that most of the time these posts don’t receive replies. Why? Because we’re already tired from … continue reading “Looking To Get Into The Biz? Read This.”

The Plagiarism Wall Of Shame

Plagiarism. I’ve spoken about it several times before. It’s a regular issue, because, apparently, I’m so damn awesome that people want to copy me.

I often find my writing, and occasionally my photos, in all sorts of places online: Dommes’ … continue reading “The Plagiarism Wall Of Shame”

Transformative BDSM With slave 70

Sure, I’m an excellent Domme for you hungry bottoms and respectful fetishists who need a scratch itched, or for Weekend Warrior Subs because they need a place to let go once in a while, but where I really excel is … continue reading “Transformative BDSM With slave 70”