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There are 3 options with my blog:

  1. Subscribe to my BDSMlog email list to receive notifications when I post
  2. Register as a free member
  3. Pay for an Exclusive membership

In the column to the right of this entry you will see “By subscribing you confirm…” followed by a box to enter your email. (If you’re on a mobile phone, it may be at the bottom of the page.) Enter in your email and click “subscribe me”. You will be sent an email to confirm your subscription. Be sure to check your spam folder as it may be there. (If it is, be sure to tell your mail host is it NOT spam so that it doesn’t happen again.)

Once you confirm your subscription you will receive notifications via email when I post. This only happens once a day, around 6am EST, and only on the days I make at least one post. This means if I make more than one post in a given 24-hour period the notification for all of them will be sent in that single email. You will not receive more than one email per day.

Subscribing is NOT the same as registering. If you want to leave comments or talk with me or other members, you need to register by creating a user name and password. See option 2 below.


To become a basic member:

Register. Go to the top of this page and hover over “Join BDSMlog”. You will see two options: BDSMlog Member and BDSMlog Exclusive. Select BDSMlog Member and follow the directions. Once you’ve confirmed your registration you’ll be able to log in, leave comments, and interact with others.

NOTE: Being a basic member does not grant you access to the Exclusive member content. To do this see option 3.


What is it?

The premise is similar to OnlyFans except it’s my site and I have total control over everything (laughs in Domme). I’ll still have some free posts, as usual, but I’m going to offer more to subscribers, such as additional photos, additional and longer session clips, educational videos, vlog type entries about various topics, offers only to subscribers, and more.

NOTE: To become an Exclusive member I need to know you. If I do not I’m sorry but you will be unable to have an Exclusive membership at this time.

What does “know you” mean? You have to be:

  • A client in good standing (this does not mean you have to be coming to me for sessions at this time)
  • Someone from the community I trust, such as another Dominant, submissive, leader, acquaintance, etc
  • A personal friend

This is to (hopefully) eliminate piracy, which is a serious problem for people like me. I’d rather have 2 subscribers who I don’t think would try steal my work than 20 who might.

To become an Exclusive member:

A. Register. Go to the top of this page and hover over “Join BDSMlog”. You will see two options: BDSMlog Member and BDSMlog Exclusive. Select BDSMlog Exclusive and follow the directions.

B. Send payment. Once you confirm your registration I will set up a monthly bill through my private payment link using the email address you used to register*. This will generate an invoice. When it’s received, pay it** and I will add you as an Exclusive member.

*If you would prefer not to have the invoice go to the address you registered with, please email me with the one you’d like me to use. If your email address is not discreet, such as “” or “”, please send me an email that’s more “vanilla” so we both don’t get flagged.
** If you would rather not have an electronic transaction you can bring it when you come to see me for a session. Please let me know if you have included it in with your tribute so I don’t mistakenly think it’s a tip or something. (If you need another option, email me.)

You can pre-pay months at any point. If you do not wish to renew simply decline the invoice.

IMPORTANT: When paying your invoice, do not add any notes of any kind. If you don’t think I will recognize you from the account you use or you have any question, send me an email. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS PERVERTED, DO NOT MENTION ANYTHING SEXY/KINKY YOUR PAYMENT. SEND ME A PRIVATE EMAIL.


Q: Mistress, why are you asking for tribute for your blog?

A: Over the almost 8 years I’ve had my blog, I’ve posted a lot of content. This includes many articles, photos, and an increasing number of videos. Aside from the work involved in this (articles, photos, and videos don’t write and edit themselves, you silly sluts!), visual files — especially video — take up a lot of space on a server. When I reach the max space I’ll either start having to delete files or pay for a more expensive web package to hold all my content. I’m at that point where I’m almost maxed. Since I prefer to keep everything available for people to enjoy, I decided to help offset these increasing costs by offering additional, better content for a tribute.

Q: Mistress, I don’t believe in paying for content, so why should I?

A: When you register for an Exclusive membership, you’re helping support my doing my own independent version of sites like “Only Fans”. The benefit of my not being on one of those sites is that we’re exempt from their censorship, taking a cut of my tribute, and shady business practices.

Q: Mistress, can I pay for more than one month at a time?

A: I plan on offering 6- and 12-month subscriptions with discounts for pre-paying multiple months in advance but I want to see how 2 or 3 months play out out before I commit to that length of time.

Q: Mistress, what if I can’t use your private payment method/pay digitally?

A: You can add the additional $10 in with your tribute if you see me monthly. If not, let me know and I’ll give you some other options.

Q: Mistress, I subscribed, but can’t comment on your entries. Why not?

A: Subscribing only adds you to my email list that lets you know I post. If you want to comment and interact with me you need to register, which asks you to create a user name and password, in order to do so. This is free. Go to the top of the page and hover over “Join BDSMlog”, select BDSMlog Member, and follow the directions. You will receive an email asking you confirm your registration. Once you do you will be able to log in and interact with me and other members.

Q: Mistress, I registered but am not receiving notifications of your posts. What is the problem?

A: Registration does not automatically assume you want email notifications of my posts. If you would like that you need to subscribe to the email list. Follow option 1 above to do so.

More questions? You can ask in comments. 🙂

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