Sexy Shop: Hustler Hollywood – Philadelphia

I like to support local sex shops. Whenever I travel I make a point to visit them and buy stuff — even if it’s just lube or something.

I noticed a new shop opened here in Philadelphia, at the corner … Read the rest “Sexy Shop: Hustler Hollywood – Philadelphia”

Please Buy This: These Are Supposed To Go In Your Ass

While they are now sadly “unavailable” they were once for sale. And people bought them.

© “Sex Toys”

I actually got one of these in with something I bought, like a free gift.

I can tell you I would never … Read the rest “Please Buy This: These Are Supposed To Go In Your Ass”

Cleaning: Know What You’re Doing

I always have a pretty strong suspicion that someone doesn’t understand how to properly clean when they say something like,

“I always sterilize my furniture.”


…because you can’t sterilize furniture.

You should know this stuff before you ever accept … Read the rest “Cleaning: Know What You’re Doing”