Someone Knew Exactly What They Were Doing #69: “Juicy””Fruit”

Let’s go back to the early 80s to watch a group of attractive young people participating in an orgy–I mean having a fun day together playing in a very wet hole–I mean enjoying some “Juicy” “Fruit”.

Have You Been a Victim Of WTFWTS?

Have you visited a Domme and…

She didn’t feel very dominant? (“What do you want to do now?”)

She didn’t seem into the scene? (She looked at her phone half the time.)

She didn’t get you? (She forgot you wanted X and Y and didn’t even remember your name.

Stop. There is help available for disappointed subs, slaves, and sluts.

 A genuine, competent, and engaging Dominant woman is standing by*.

 A Serious Pro for Serious Hos: Mistress Tissa.

*May cause feelings of subspace, elation, and inner peace.