Looking To Get Into The Biz? Read This.

Many people come into forums for professionals and ask us what they need to do to be a pro. What you may notice is that most of the time these posts don’t receive replies. Why? Because we’re already tired from … continue reading “Looking To Get Into The Biz? Read This.”

Professional Scammer: Indian Mistress Seema

Scammers rarely create a website, primarily due to the time and money involved, but also because of the “paper trail” that can come with establishing one. “IndianMistressSeema.com” is one rare exception.

The person/people running this site has been … continue reading “Professional Scammer: Indian Mistress Seema”

“Fake” versus “Real” Dominants

I came across this entry “How To Tell The Difference Between Fake And Real Dominants” at BDSMTrainingAcademy.com, which includes this graphic:


While the information itself is terrific, the presentation of it as a dichotomy of “fake” versus … continue reading ““Fake” versus “Real” Dominants”

Please Buy This: These Are Supposed To Go In Your Ass

While they are now sadly “unavailable” they were once for sale. And people bought them.

¬© “Sex Toys”

I actually got one of these in with something I bought, like a free gift.

I can tell you I would never … continue reading “Please Buy This: These Are Supposed To Go In Your Ass”