“Fake” versus “Real” Dominants

I came across this entry “How To Tell The Difference Between Fake And Real Dominants” at BDSMTrainingAcademy.com, which includes this graphic:


While the information itself is terrific, the presentation of it as a dichotomy of “fake” versus … Read the rest ““Fake” versus “Real” Dominants”

Please Buy This: These Are Supposed To Go In Your Ass

While they are now sadly “unavailable” they were once for sale. And people bought them.

¬© “Sex Toys”

I actually got one of these in with something I bought, like a free gift.

I can tell you I would never … Read the rest “Please Buy This: These Are Supposed To Go In Your Ass”

Kink In The Mainstream: Sally Jessy Raphael, 1988

Some great Dommes here.

I get a kick out of reading the faces in the audience to see which men are trying to hide or play off how excited they are.

How To Properly Ask For a Session or Call

When you contact me asking for a session, chat, coaching call, whatever, can you PLEASE follow my very logical protocol?

I’m worn out from receiving emails like this:

“Hi, Mistress, can I schedule X with you?”

If I’ve seen or Read the rest “How To Properly Ask For a Session or Call”

The Plagiarism Wall Of Shame

Plagiarism. I’ve spoken about it several times before. It’s a regular issue, because, apparently, I’m so damn awesome that people want to copy me.

I often find my writing, and occasionally my photos, in all sorts of places online: Dommes’ … Read the rest “The Plagiarism Wall Of Shame”

Cleaning: Know What You’re Doing

I always have a pretty strong suspicion that someone doesn’t understand how to properly clean when they say something like,

“I always sterilize my furniture.”


…because you can’t sterilize furniture.

You should know this stuff before you ever accept … Read the rest “Cleaning: Know What You’re Doing”

Know Your Limits

When you approach me for a scene please make sure that you can tell me your limits, not just your interests. Lately, I have noticed more people are not prepared and don’t know what theirs are. They’re approaching me for … Read the rest “Know Your Limits”