Sub C: “The Best Session Of My Life”

“i have been processing the incredible experience that we had and it took a few days to set aside the time to write about it.

For me, the session was set apart by the connection i felt throughout. i felt that we were collaborating and i felt seen by You in a deep way.  

Your skill is unmatched. … i have to mention a few standout elements:

– the way You incorporated our shared fetish was beyond my wildest dreams (and i have spent a lot of time dreaming on this topic). You obviously have a deep understanding of the fetish and gave me the privilege of some visuals that will stay in my mind forever.

– The way You combine [activities] gives such depth and power to the session.

– i felt mentally transported in ways i haven’t felt before. As if by magic You transported me from a place of torment to a safe warm dark room conjured in the crook of You neck or under the canopy of Your hair. 

– i have always been curious about pushing my physical and mental limits in a session in creative ways. Shortly before You let me out of my “sleeping bag” i had a moment of mental intensity like i have never felt before. with so many senses taken away and so many sensations, my brain was overloaded in a way that created an intense subspace i have never experienced before. i am still processing it and i don’t have a way to fully describe it in words, but it was an experience i was searching for but didn’t know if i would ever find. 

– of course there is also the glorious grand finale to our session. Surprises are one of my favorite parts about sessions, but never before have I been so completely caught off guard by the direction a session took. The giggling, grinning mess You observed at the end of our session was the result of a combination of  combination of shock, euphoria, and full mental release.

i have an ocean of gratitude for all You do.

i am sending a gift to your gift address.”

Thank you for this, sub c! And for your generous gift! Hope to see you this fall!

3 thoughts on “Sub C: “The Best Session Of My Life”

    • You’re welcome! I’m so glad I was able to see you when you were in Philly and welcome you to my newest (and still developing) incarnation of Temenos.

  1. sub 42nd, The way you described your emotions are similar to my own. I also am a giggling mess at the end of a session. I also have a complete mental release and the brain is wiped clean. A question for the Mistress, you must have a new address for gifts as your location has changed. Have you updated your gift list address?

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