Discipline & Punishment

Tim had not visited a Domme in a long time.

He came to me because he said he was ready to resume sessions and thought I was the best fit for him.

He told me he needed discipline. He had … Read the rest “Discipline & Punishment”

slave 70 testimonial

I really enjoy my experiences with slave 70 because he is very open and interested in how kink can be transformative. So, not only can I consciously incorporate this into how I approach my scenes with him, we have good … Read the rest “slave 70 testimonial”

fukpet serves

fukpet came to offer himself to me.

As part of his training, I amused myself with a game of pain and pleasure: if he took some pain, he might be rewarded with pleasure.

I used various implements on him. He … Read the rest “fukpet serves”