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Cat O’ Nine Tails (Excerpt)

slave 70 returns

Sometimes we need a break. slave 70 is no exception.

He recently contacted me saying “My Sessions with You helped tremendously — being challenged in various ways made me completely forget about life’s problems” and that he was ready to come back.

Given what he divulged to me about some issues he was dealing with, I was looking forward to helping him diffuse some of the resulting stress, but also provide some strategies that could help alleviate his relationship with these problems.

The session was cathartic for us both!

Afterword he shared:

“Today was… amazing. The spanking over Your lap almost put me into a trance. … I wanted to explain at the moment … but I couldn’t really put intelligent words together.  I was just on a high as You led me … across the room. 

The flogging and whipping You delivered on the standing cross at times put me into a meditative state. The power with which you wielded the flogger was quite impressive. And I loved hearing You become so physical with it. It frightened me a bit, but You clearly had everything under control which was why I could let go, just “be”, and receive what You gave me. 

And the predicament You placed me in … was perfect. … That was pure evil and I loved it. It also reinforced to me the lesson that with bad choices come bad results.

I thought that was the apex, but seeing You [doing that] was like nothing I’ve experienced before. In some ways it felt like I was having an out of body experience, watching from a distance but being part of the scene as well.

Thank You for helping me to leave life behind for the afternoon, and provide the dominance, discipline, correction, control and care that I needed.”

(edited for privacy)

You’re welcome, slave 70! It was so good to welcome you back!

An Ass Whipping

This slave did pretty well.

Can anyone take more?

Vintage Kink: Medieval FemDom

She ain’t playin

circa 1480 Netherlandish bronze plate of a woman presumably offering some kind of punishment to her husband, whose protest she clearly does not give a single fucke aboute.

UPDATE: More info on this plate here:

Interesting that she is described as imposing a “tyrannical rule”. (Thank you, Thomas!)