Discipline & Punishment

Tim had not visited a Domme in a long time.

He came to me because he said he was ready to resume sessions and thought I was the best fit for him.

He told me he needed discipline. He had been behaving badly and needed a powerful woman to remind him of his place.

He told me he could be a bit of a brat.

“Oh?” I said, amused at the prospect.

I began with him over my lap. After I had given him a memorable spanking he told me he had learned his lesson.

“I will decide that, not you.”

The “brat” was quickly tamed. “Yes, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress.”

I brought him to my bench, where I used various methods of enforcement on him.

I think I got his attention. He said he would do better. If he doesn’t, he should expect more severe consequences next time.

Afterward, Tim sent me a message:

“Thank you for making time in your busy schedule to session with me. It definitely lived up to and actually exceeded my hopes. … I already know that I will be needing additional discipline and look forward to … future sessions to serve you.”

You’re welcome. My hands, paddles, beaters, canes, floggers, and whips are ready when you are!

Ass Beating And…

fukpet and I took a tour of some implements this session: paddles, switches, canes, a belt, and my powerful hands. This is how it turned out.

After I beat his ass, he was rewarded.

After our experience, he had to say this:

“Once again I thank you for a fantastic session. It is always cleansing when I kneel at your feet to offer myself for your use, abuse and amusement. For the next two hours I was in your world, totally subject to your whims and desires. The session you crafted, as always, was like none previous. I never know what to expect as I enter your world. As the session intensified you brought me to a different level of consciousness. … It has been a very long time since I have had impact play like that. It was great. … I am not sure if it was true subspace but definitely a high, it not only lasted through the session but long afterwards. … I am grateful to have found you. A true sensual sadist, and … Goddess.”

Thank you, fukpet! I’m grateful you found me, too. Looking forward to our next Meet & Beat!

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Mistress Tissa and fukpet Go To The Circus

fukpet and I had a good laugh during our last session.

He was taking an inflatable plug for me and as it was being inflated it popped. And when it popped it shot out like a stuntman from a circus cannon. (Thankfully, no one was injured during this dazzling display.)

While we were laughing about this, I noticed the barrier that had been put on the plug was still inside him. When there was an attempt to remove it, it would not budge. Finally, after a little tugging — voila! — it came out inflated, ladies and gentlemen! (fukpet, take a bow.) The break in the plug’s sheath had essentially turned it into a balloon.

So, we had: a circus cannon, stuntman, balloon animals, and plenty of laughs — lead by me, Ringmistress Tissa.

He left the tent with this:

Needless to say, the stuntman was retired…

And fukpet kindly offered to send a replacement…

I’m pleased to say that they actually improved this plug since I purchased it last. It used to be covered in rubber and now it’s silicone. This makes for a safer and more durable piece.

Later, fukpet shared this:

What a fantastic session!!!  Mentally with each session you continue to dig deeper into my psyche. It is so overpowering how you were able to get into my head from the very beginning … I have to report that today Tuesday almost ALL marking and bruising is gone.  Really only four days!!!.  I am sure it had a lot to do with the wonderful aftercare that you provided. This is a good thing for me as I look forward to taking much more for you. I find great satisfaction in knowing that I am able to take what you give me and watch you relish in the sadistic joy that you get from painting your canvass. … I Look forward to the next time.

(All the juicy details have been edited out. I’m sorry but you’re just going to have to buy your own ticket to the show.)

I look forward to next time as well, and continuing to see how far I can push my canvass!

fukpet serves

fukpet came to offer himself to me.

As part of his training, I amused myself with a game of pain and pleasure: if he took some pain, he might be rewarded with pleasure.

I used various implements on him. He took them very well.

I initially went heavier on his right cheek, so I had to balance it out, of course.

Unfortunately, because I was so engrossed in our scene, I forgot to take a photo when I was finished!

Because he took ALL of the pain I gave him, my slut received a wonderful reward that included the privilege of worshipping of my beautiful feet.

Afterward, he said:

I would like to thank you for a fantastic session. I feel honored that you have accepted the offering of myself to you and that you have begun my training to be your slut / slave. Kneeling before your powerful presence and beauty, while being instructed on how to best serve and amuse you as the lowly slave that I am is truly an honor. It was wonderful how you took complete ownership of my mind, my body. and especially my ass. The strikes of your hands, floggers and canes left their beautiful marks that I wear proudly. … I took your punishment for my shortcomings and I am grateful for the rewards you bestowed, I will strive to be a better slave for you Mistress. … Days later our session lives on … and the thoughts of kneeling before you Mistress and being of service to your decadent needs. Looking forward to our next session.”

you’re welcome, fukpet!

Monkey Dick, Exposed

I put Monkey Dick in my metal spreader device and forced him onto his back.

Now rendered helpless, his ass is mine.

With his cock, balls,and ass exposed to me, I gave him a delicious flogging.

Then added a little predicament into the mix.

While I was having my fun with him, I noticed the shadow of my earring on his ass:

(I should get that made into a metal brand)

Monkey Dick: “Thanks for the great session. … I really like the bondages you put me in … I was surprised how much I enjoyed the flogging hits … It was great! … The hard hits while in the predicament tie were intense and absolutely great!!!

Red Ass


Whether it’s because…

…you enjoy the sensation of my hand spanking, my paddle smacking, or my cane striking your eager bottom…

…you wish to relinquish control to me and offer your ass for my perverse enjoyment…


…you’ve been terribly naughty and need to learn a very important lesson…

I will make you blush.

How deeply remains to be seen…


sub d dressed and marked

sub d brought some sexy clothes to wear for Me.

After trying on some different items, he put on this tight, little dress that was so short his balls hung below the hem line. LOL!

I then tied him down.


Next, I slid up his skirt to expose…


…a lovely canvas for Me to leave My mark on.

After various implements, I asked him if he’d been whipped before.

“No, Mistress.”

“Do you think you can take a whip for Me?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I opted for My mini bullwhip.

I first went lightly.

Then, a little harder.


I was impressed at how much he was able to take for his first time!

He also brought Me this lovely bottle of wine:


Later that evening, he sent Me an email:

“Thank you for your time tonight! Things were great as the last time! Loved your outfit and shoes. You are beautiful and gorgeous! Glad I met you. You really put time and effort in our sessions.”

Thank you, sub d!