Missing Emails?

There appears to have been a possible glitch when my site was migrated that may have unsubscribed people from email notifications.

If you have not received a notification when you should have you may just need to resubscribe. (This is done by entering your email in the box above the button “Subscribe me!”)

If you have problems, please let me know.

Note: This is NOT the same as registering for my blog. I have not had an issue with any registrations being lost. This is just the plugin I use to manage the emails send to notify people of my posts.

Smoking Fetish

I’m removing smoking from my hard limits and placing it on my soft limits.

The condition with smoking is that I will not run long scenes in which I’m continuously smoking.

I won’t be smoking standard cigarettes. I will be smoking herbal. These taste and smell better. (I don’t want me and my dungeon smelling like an ashtray.)

I will only take limited sessions per month.

BDSMlog Is Back Up

As some of you noticed, my blog has been down for the past day.

I was doing the last bit of “fixing” on it: I moved it to its own domain. This required me doing a variety of things behind the scenes. Unfortunately, it didn’t come without some headaches, but…it’s completed!

It’s worth it because this will streamline some things and eliminate some of the issues I was encountering.

I updated all the URLs (addresses) internally but if you have anything bookmarked you will probably want to update them. I have not yet set up a redirect so you will get a 404. I also have to go through my primary site and fix all the broken links, so if you encounter one it should be fixed soon.

The last issue I was grappling with this morning was that subscriptions weren’t going through. You can imagine that I had a mini-freakout about that given I’d been trying to fix that shit for so long. But I just tested it and it’s working now.

Unless there’s some changes to some of this software that causes an issue, or my host goes down, it should be smooth sailing from here on out.

Let me know if you have any issues and I will try not to throw my computer out the window.

For Real This Time

Folx, I really fixed the issue with people not receiving their confirmation emails when they try to register for my blog.

The two mail hosts who I can confirm have been blocking me are Gmail and Yahoo. There may be others.

I found the admin email on my host that I didn’t know was there and saw like 1300 emails from Gmail telling me they were blocking my confirmation emails from people trying to register because they thought I was spam. Yahoo wasn’t saying anything to me. Just silently blocking me. Other mail hosts may have been, too.

Well, I’m happy to say that I have finally placated Yahoo and the Googlemonster and was able to confirm with multiple people — two Yahoo accounts and three Gmail — my emails are now going through.

If you are someone who tried to register and never received a confirmation please do the following:

  1. Go to the “log in” link which is at the top right of my entries.
  2. Either click to reset your password if you have already tried to register, or, if you have not yet, click register.
  3. Look for the email that asks you to confirm these things. Please check your spam folder if it does not land in your inbox. (If it is in spam, mark it as NOT SPAM so it doesn’t happen again.)
  4. Come back to my blog and comment here to notify me of your success.

If you still do not receive the confirmation email, send an email to no-reply /at/ bdsmlog /dot/ mistresstissa /dot/ com. I will be temporarily checking this box for people who report problems.

UPDATE: I went through my admin panel and manually resent some of the confirmation emails that did not appear to have been received in the past. Some I did not because it had been so long that the system marked the user as inactive. If you have tried to register in the past and did not receive the confirmation email I pushed through to you, please try the above steps.

New BDSM Club in Philadelphia

There is a new BDSM/kink club in Philadelphia, SNS Dungeon. (SNS stands for “Saints and Sinners”, the old name of the venue.)

In order to attend events there, you must first become a member. This is due to the adult nature of the club.

For opening night, Mistress Zeneca is prioritizing people who are on her mailing list. To get on it, go to ElegantlyKinky.com.

If you want to join the club, go to SNSDungeon.com.

There are two types of membership, basic and premium. Premium allows you to interact with other members on the site through chat, private messages, etc.

Cost of membership and tickets are on the site.

Paid Blog Subscription List (Updated)

First thing: If I do not know you, I’m sorry but you will be unable to subscribe to the BDSMlog Exclusive list at this time.

You have to be a client in good standing, someone from the community I trust, or otherwise are a person I know. This is to (hopefully) eliminate piracy, which is a serious problem for people like me. I’d rather have 2 subscribers who I don’t think would try steal my work than 20 who might.

How it works: The premise is like OnlyFans except it’s my site and I have total control over everything (laughs in Domme).

I’ll still have some free posts, as usual, but I’m going to offer more to subscribers, such as additional photos, additional and longer session clips, educational videos, vlog type entries about various topics, offers only to subscribers, and more.

Access fee is currently $10 per month.

How to get on the BDSMlog Exclusive list:

  1. First, subscribe to my blog. You can do this in the column to the right of this entry. Or, if you’re on a mobile phone, it may be at the bottom of the page. Enter in your email and click “subscribe me”. You will be sent an email to confirm your subscription. Be sure to check your spam folder as it may be there. (If it is, be sure to tell your mail host is it NOT spam so that it doesn’t happen again.)
  2. Send the tribute via my private payment link OR you can include it in with your tribute when you come to see me for a session. Please let me know if you have included $10 for a subscription so I don’t mistakenly think it’s a tip or something. If you will not be coming on a particular month let me know. You can pre-pay if you know this will be the case.

    If you do not have my private payment link please send me a message and I’ll give it to you. IMPORTANT: Leave ALL fields blank during the payment flow. If you don’t think I will recognize you from the account you use, simply send me an email letting me know that “buttsniffer@emailhost.com” is really you, sub larry. DO NOT MAKE THIS CLARIFICATION IN YOUR PAYMENT. SEND ME AN EMAIL.

When I both see your subscription AND receive your tribute I will:

  1. Add you to a separate list only for paid subscribers. Just like those who subscribe to my free content, you will receive an email on the days I make at least one post.
  2. Set up a monthly invoice to remind you to send the tribute. If you prefer not to renew, just decline the invoice. The invoice will be called “newsletter”.

Previous posts will be accessible to those who subscribed after I posted them, so you can go back and look at or read anything you missed


Q: Mistress, why are you asking for tribute for your blog?

A: Over the almost 8 years I’ve had my blog, I’ve posted a lot of content. This includes many articles, photos, and an increasing number of videos. Aside from the work involved in this (articles, photos, and videos don’t write and edit themselves, you silly sluts!), visual files — especially video — take up a lot of space on a server. When I reach the max space I’ll either start having to delete files or pay for a more expensive web package to hold all my content. I’m at that point where I’m almost maxed. Since I prefer to keep everything available for people to enjoy, I decided to help offset these increasing costs by offering additional, better content for a tribute.

Q: Mistress, I don’t believe in paying for content, so why should I?

A: When you subscribe, you’re helping support my doing my own independent version of sites like “Only Fans”. The benefit of my not being on one of those sites is that I’m exempt from their censorship, taking a cut of my tribute, and shady business practices.

Q: Mistress, can I pay for more than one month at a time?

A: I plan on offering 6- and 12-month subscriptions with discounts for pre-paying multiple months in advance but I want to see how 2 or 3 months play out out before I commit to that length of time.

Q: Mistress, what if I can’t use your private payment method/pay digitally?

A: You can add the additional $10 in with your tribute if you see me monthly. If not, let me know and I’ll give you some other options.

Q: Mistress, I subscribed, but can’t comment on your entries. Why not?

A: Subscribing only adds you to my email list that lets you know I post. If you want to comment and interact with me you need to register to create a user name and password. To do this is free. Find the link that says “register” beneath the two text boxes asking for your user name and password. You will receive an email asking you confirm your registration. Once you do you will be able to log in and interact with me and other users.

More questions? You can ask in comments. 🙂

E-List vs Blog Subscription

I have two lists you can subscribe to:

  1. E-List, which you can do at the bottom of any of the pages on my website
  2. Blog, which you can do on my blog page, in the upper right-hand corner.

Let me explain the difference between the two:

  1. E-List is only for things like updates, changes, offers, and news. Like a major update to my site, a change in my hours, a limited time offer for sessions, or my visiting a city. It’s meant to be an overall low volume list. It’s also highly censored due to who the emails pass through. As a result, I cannot include adult content in the emails themselves. So I use the messages to notify you to go elsewhere for info. I’m not happy with this but the reality is that adult content is censored in a lot of places. So, until I find an alternative, this is how it works for now.
  2. Subscriptions to my Blog mean you will receive an email that notifies you of any blog posts I make. This email is sent out once a day, every morning. If I did not post anything during the previous 24 hours you will not receive an email. I post all sorts of things in my blog, including all of the things that would be covered in my email list, sessions with subs, testimonials, photos, clips, articles, humor, and more. It’s all adult, erotic content with an emphasis on BDSM/kink. It is much more comprehensive than my email list.

So, if you do not want anything but updates about me, offers, or other important news, then the E-List is for you.

If you prefer that and more, subscribe to my Blog.

Heads up: Someone Using My Name on TikTok (Updated)


If it’s not obvious, this is not me. For one, I speak better English.

While the photo I can see is not mine, they are implying they are doing the same kind of thing as me, BDSM, which could lead to some confusion in the most gullible sub about whether it’s my account.

I reported them, with government documentation, for infringement to TikTok. Hopefully, they’ll be taken down.

Come up with your own name, folx.

UPDATE: Bye bye.

Please try to register and comment

Please create an account if you don’t have one. It’s very easy and painless. Either do it here (I think the link is in the upper right – says “log in”), or go to WordPress.org and do it. Then come back here and try to leave a comment.

I have ONE person helping me with this. Why is it so hard to get a little help around here? I need more than one person so I know the problem they’re having with commenting is just them or if it’s everyone.

If you have my email, please send me an email to let me know what happened for you. Obviously, if you are able to leave a comment you don’t have to send an email. That will be confirmation enough.

Thank you!