Happy Birthday to BDSMlog

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My blog turned 8 on March 5th!

I don’t know any other Domme who has kept a blog continuously for 8 years, do you? If so, I’d love to know. I think this … Read the rest “Happy Birthday to BDSMlog”

Revisiting Internet Trolls

Those of you who have known or followed me for a while are familiar with my having been the target of a series of defamatory stories posted about me online, mostly in 2017, plus a few scattered around since. Well, … Read the rest “Revisiting Internet Trolls”

Smoking Fetish

Smoking has been removed from my hard limits and is now a soft limit.

The condition with smoking is that I will not run long scenes in which I’m continuously smoking.

I won’t be smoking standard cigarettes. I will be … Read the rest “Smoking Fetish”