Update: Specialty Scenes

For those unaware, in addition to my Standard and Exploratory BDSM/fetish/fantasy Scenes, I offer what I call “Specialty Scenes”. These are thematic experiences held during certain hours, with a shorter timeframe, a more casual appearance, and reduced tribute. Currently, the … continue reading “Update: Specialty Scenes”

MistressTissa.com had some renovations!

I had planned on being done with them by the 1st of the year but with the unexpected launch of BDSMProfessionals.com I put my own site on hold.


There may be a glitch here and there. If you see … continue reading “MistressTissa.com had some renovations!”

Goodbye Eros.com, Hello BDSMProfessionals.com

As of December 1st, Eros.com no longer offers listings for BDSM providers, a service they have provided for over a decade. This seemed to have come about rather quickly as I just heard about it about a week ago.

Many … continue reading “Goodbye Eros.com, Hello BDSMProfessionals.com”