Discipline & Punishment

Tim had not visited a Domme in a long time.

He came to me because he said he was ready to resume sessions and thought I was the best fit for him.

He told me he needed discipline. He had been behaving badly and needed a powerful woman to remind him of his place.

He told me he could be a bit of a brat.

“Oh?” I said, amused at the prospect.

I began with him over my lap. After I had given him a memorable spanking he told me he had learned his lesson.

“I will decide that, not you.”

The “brat” was quickly tamed. “Yes, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress.”

I brought him to my bench, where I used various methods of enforcement on him.

I think I got his attention. He said he would do better. If he doesn’t, he should expect more severe consequences next time.

Afterward, Tim sent me a message:

“Thank you for making time in your busy schedule to session with me. It definitely lived up to and actually exceeded my hopes. … I already know that I will be needing additional discipline and look forward to … future sessions to serve you.”

You’re welcome. My hands, paddles, beaters, canes, floggers, and whips are ready when you are!

New Option and Rate For Select Activities

I rarely get anyone booking one-hour sessions anymore. My concern is that since the national rate for a pro Domme has risen to 350/hr that folx looking for shorter, “simpler” sessions have been priced out. This is probably especially true since the pandemic and how it’s effected people economically.

So, I’m going to try an experiment and offer the following activities in a one-hour session at a reduced rate of 250/hr:

  • Spanking (OTK or otherwise)
  • Foot Domination (this does not include food play)


  • This only applies to sessions one-hour in length.
  • This only applies to the above listed activities.
  • Simple roleplays, verbal play, and light bondage can be included in the scene.
  • If you don’t need a full hour, you still have to pay for one; there is no half-hour rate. We can use the remainder of time to sit and talk, have a snack or cup of tea.
  • A consultation is still required (though will be shorter than other sessions)
  • All other protocol applies, including a deposit and screening requirements.

Vintage Kink: Medieval FemDom

She ain’t playin

circa 1480 Netherlandish bronze plate of a woman presumably offering some kind of punishment to her husband, whose protest she clearly does not give a single fucke aboute.

UPDATE: More info on this plate here: https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/468640

Interesting that she is described as imposing a “tyrannical rule”. (Thank you, Thomas!)

Red Ass


Whether it’s because…

…you enjoy the sensation of my hand spanking, my paddle smacking, or my cane striking your eager bottom…

…you wish to relinquish control to me and offer your ass for my perverse enjoyment…


…you’ve been terribly naughty and need to learn a very important lesson…

I will make you blush.

How deeply remains to be seen…




Would you like to lay across my lap

as I pull down your boxers or panties

so you are fully exposed to me?

I instruct you to push your ass into the air, where

my lustful eyes

can gaze upon it

and where I have easy access

to administer

the most delicious spanking

to your hungry and eager bottom.

(And just maybe, if you’re good, I will fuck it)