Update: Specialty Scenes

For those unaware, in addition to my Standard and Exploratory BDSM/fetish/fantasy Scenes, I offer what I call “Specialty Scenes”. These are thematic experiences held during certain hours, with a shorter timeframe, a more casual appearance, and reduced tribute. Currently, the ones I offer are:

Slut Training
Foot Domination
Time For Your Spanking
Pain Sluts
Tickle Torture
The Mistress & Her Slave
Femmes’ Night Out*
Party Pet

*The last two have time restrictions. They must occur in the evening.

Until now, the others have not had these restrictions. Effective immediately, they, too, must occur during certain hours. I’m only offering these types of scenes between 4pm and 8pm and The Mistress & Her slave between 4pm and 10pm. These are close to my ideal hours to session.

Another change is that these scenes will not include any preferences for or promise of fetishwear, such as latex, PVC, or leatherette. All scenes will include what I call “Goddess Casual”. This is my dressing how my Goddess-Self might normally dress, which is punk & gothy with a hint of biker (a fetish for some). This does not mean I’ll look sloppy or wear sweatpants (unless that’s part of a roleplay we negotiate). The effect is that the scene will likely feel more like a “lifestyle” experience. There may be cases when I may prefer to wear fetishwear for a particular scene, but, again, it is neither something that can be requested or expected.

The trade off is that I’m reducing the tribute for the scenes by 25 for the hour. So, a Slut Training session, for example, will go from 275 to 250.

If you’re not aware, 250 for an hour of anything from someone of my caliber is a fantastic opportunity.

All other protocol remains the same.

13 thoughts on “Update: Specialty Scenes

    • Welcome, Jim! Thanks for the kind words and for joining us!

      My goal with these scenes is to simplify the process and in doing so I’m able to offer experiences at a lower tribute. I like to try to make kink accessible for more people — and still offer a top-notch professional experience.

  1. Foot Domination is a new term to me, so I appreciate you posting this. Feet have not been a fetish of mine until recently, and the interest grows stronger by the day. Thank you very much for this update, Mistress Tissa!

    I’ve been struggling to get logged into the Blog, but this morning I discovered that I can just hit enter when I provide my credentials and that works!

    Your Specialty Scenes are creative and I’m sure many will appreciate “Goddess Casual” wear. I believe “Goddess Casual” could have a higher level, pleasing impact.

    • You’re welcome.

      “I believe “Goddess Casual” could have a higher level, pleasing impact.”

      Thanks for another analysis. This time about how I’m going to dress.

  2. WOW,WOW,WOW where did these new commentor’s fall from? It’s great to see some new people into Ms Tissa’s blog. If some of you are on the fence as to session or not I can wholeheartedly say YOUR MISSING OUT!!! Your missing a great experience being on the outside looking in when you can have the real deal. Chris,Jim,James,and A book your specialty scene or longer if you can.

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