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Beating Up Some D (Excerpt)

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Ass Beating And…

fukpet and I took a tour of some implements this session: paddles, switches, canes, a belt, and my powerful hands. This is how it turned out.

After I beat his ass, he was rewarded.

After our experience, he had to say this:

“Once again I thank you for a fantastic session. It is always cleansing when I kneel at your feet to offer myself for your use, abuse and amusement. For the next two hours I was in your world, totally subject to your whims and desires. The session you crafted, as always, was like none previous. I never know what to expect as I enter your world. As the session intensified you brought me to a different level of consciousness. … It has been a very long time since I have had impact play like that. It was great. … I am not sure if it was true subspace but definitely a high, it not only lasted through the session but long afterwards. … I am grateful to have found you. A true sensual sadist, and … Goddess.”

Thank you, fukpet! I’m grateful you found me, too. Looking forward to our next Meet & Beat!

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Immobilized and Flogged

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Mummified and Tormented

I find the sound of a man mummy whimpering to be very amusing. And sometimes quite arousing.

you’re welcome

Protected: [BDSMlog Exclusive] Mistress Tissa’s Dix Flags

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slave david offers himself

slave david likes pain.

Quite a lot of pain.

He has his favorite ways of receiving pain. One is his nipples.

Because of this, I bypassed all of the “entry-level” nipple clamps, teased him briefly with the butterfly clamps in My nipple cages, where I stretched his nipples skyward, and then toyed with him via a pair of DIY clamps that have a pretty tenacious bite.

I placed them on the tip of his nipple…and pulled.


He let out a blissful sigh. “It should be illegal to feel this good.”

After fucking with his nipples for a bit, I turned to his ass.

After teasing him with a variety of sensations, I selected My purpleheart paddle.

He was tied down, so there was no asscape. ;D


This paddle is not for amateurs. It requires a very deliberate application. If not, you will bleed. (Which, of course, may be your very intention.) Despite My not hitting him with a substantial amount of force, slave david’s ass oozed some droplets of blood.

He took this exceptionally well. For one, paddles aren’t his favorite. And two, he was also tied, face down, to My table, while hooded and gagged.

Would he ask for mercy as I increased the variety and intensity of My treatment to his body? Or push through and take whatever it was I wished to give him?


I’m proud to say he accepted every spank, paddle, blow, and lash…

…and afterward, sat up, smiling.

(I joked that he must be working to become a Zen Master of pain.)

So, again, slave david upheld his commitment to be My slave for our time together and completely submit to the manner of My control.

Later that evening, he wrote to Me:

“…looking at my back, I smiled to myself.  I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I, and  I hope we may recreate another adventure soon”

Yes, I most definitely enjoyed Myself!

Until next time!