My hijra slave

Kaladhar came to serve as my hijra slave and slut.

I have some sarees so I put them in one that was beautiful fuchsia silk with gold.

I then painted their lips shiny red.


There was much we did, most of which was not documented as I was too engrossed in the scene, but I’ll highlight the breast play.

I laid my hijra down on the table and pumped their breasts nice and large for me…


Then, I tied them for my enjoyment…


I couldn’t resist pinching my slut’s nipples…


And the way my hijra melted and moaned under my touch, it was clear they enjoyed it, too.

Later that evening, they sent my a lovely email:

“i had an incredibly great time and You’re incredible in Your craft. i felt incredibly vulnerable, yet safe in Your presence while serving You. i really enjoyed how deliberate You were in incorporating the hijra identity into the play and reinforcing it at perfect times. Thank You again for letting me experience many new things such as having my breasts and nipples suctioned, putting on a saree, having my lips painted red, the incredible breast bondage, [omitted for privacy], and Your extremely sensual play with my nipples and breasts. i’ll always be grateful to You for granting me many such memories i’ll cherish for a long time. i will not hesitate in strongly recommending You to anyone who seeks to explore their submissive side…

Thank you, Kaladhar! As usual, it was delightful having you.

Getting rough with Monkey Dick

Monkey Dick likes when I am rough with him. This is good because I like opportunities to be rough. I especially like to physically dominate in the form of take downs, slapping, punching, kicking, pinning, and generally pushing and pulling you around so it’s very clear who is in control. After enjoying some of just that, I forced him into this new humbler, which I purchased especially with him in mind:


It presents a nice little predicament when faced with…oh…other stimulation.

After thoroughly enjoying his being completely at My mercy, I restrained him to My cross.

Mistress Tissa - Ready

After making his balls completely exposed and vulnerable to Me, I took My time torturing them. Then, his cock. Crushing, slapping, punching, whipping… It was an intense two hours which I absolutely loved!

Cleansing Luke

Luke needed another attitude adjustment. And I was just the person to give it.

Thorough discipline. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

Total Dominance. Mind, body, and soul.

Then, he needed to be tied…


…in a configuration befitting the sacrifice of body and mind for his greater good.


His legs were bound next.

Then, a final “lesson”, which I’m sure will stick with him for a very long time: cleansing through dehumanization.

When we emerged from My Temenos, it was clear a shift had indeed taken place.

During this visit, he offered this lovely card and gift:


Then, later sent these very thoughtful and kind words:

Forgive me, but I am having trouble putting into words how incredible our session was. … I will take this moment to thank You for Your aftercare patience, as You clearly sensed I was a bit off-kilter – and stunned by even being off-kilter. I still am…but please bear with me, as I feel compelled to capture and express this “moment”, as it were.

Our first session was mind-blowing. And frankly, I came into today thinking about proving how much more I could take (to whom, I don’t know…). Anyway, You changed all of that very quickly. First, I was not at all prepared for the weaknesses You extracted from me. As I started to reflect… the dynamics of the session took a very sharp turn, and I was completely disarmed. I fell into subspace quite early, which is a slight surprise, but I guess we both already know You can that to me.

However, what happened in the last 30 minutes of our session was completely unprecedented. I’d [highlighted] an abstract picture of “ego death”…a while ago. It seemed like a great ‘stretch goal’, as the corporate types are wont to say. I never contemplated that You could bring this upon me in one session, let alone our very next session.

It makes me reflect upon what is so very unique about You. You are intimidatingly cerebral, as I mentioned…yet…unexpectedly intuitive – a terribly potent combination. Moreover, to use a word I offered in session, You are truly authentic.

Today, You took me to unfamiliar places. You dangled me there, right on the edge of submission and panic, over and over again. Yet you never caused me to want or need to safeword. Somehow, through 90 minutes, You taught me both submission and trust, as every time I felt I couldn’t take any more, it was Your hand that picked me back up.

And then, the final 30 minutes.

The cynical, obsessively analytical part of me desperately wants to understand what happened. What I can recall was that you tied me like an object, and I’ve never before felt so helpless. I was also stunned at your strength…. But the main thing I recall – and it is reminiscent of our first mind-blowing session – is Your relentlessness. Every time I thought it was over – that I had survived, or that You were satisfied – You came back for more. Every time I tried to piece things together, You came and shattered the puzzle anew. I was completely at Your mercy, physically and emotionally, and then…everything…just…slowed down…

…such that by the time [the session was ending], I feel like I was finally sipping from that Holy Grail we subs call being “broken”. Yet…I didn’t feel at all damaged. I felt – oddly – in a state of nearly perfect peace. I lay there, nearly devoid of thought, taking in Your words and Your dominance, accepting them with no resistance. Even as You thoughtfully brought me back from subspace, I was having trouble distinguishing Your words from my own thoughts. It was truly disorienting, in a way that I have never before experienced.

Again, I thank You for everything – for Your thoughtfulness and professionalism and the trust these engender, for Your intellect, intuition, and intensity, and for allowing me to again be a canvas for your indelible signature.

Thank you, Luke!! You are a joy.

Training and testing slave m

i have been a true and devoted slave to Mistress Tissa for over a year now and i can say with absolutely certainty that O/our most recent session was the most physically intense i ever experienced.  First of all, it was a three hour session.  All of my recent sessions with Mistress Tissa have been two hours in length, so this one was 50% longer and 100% more intense (and painful).  As intense as O/our session was it was also incredibly fun and exciting for me and hopefully fun for Mistress Tissa.  It has been days since that session and my head is still spinning.  After explaining my devotion to Mistress Tissa from my knees, She placed my slave collar on and instructed me to sit on Her bondage chair and to get ready for the first part of O/our session.  She then tied my arms and legs open so that She had full and easy access to my cock and balls, which was Her intent.  The first part of O/our session would be very intense CBT with Mistress torturing my cock and balls with various devices as i stayed tied to Her bondage chair.  The first devise that She used on me was a crop.  Mistress landed slap after blow to my balls, my penis, and the most painful of all to the tip of my penis.  Each slap was delivered with exact precision.  When Mistress Tissa swings any devise at your most precious parts, She rarely misses.  After moving on from the crop, She picked up her second devise which was a flogger of some sort.   Looking down at the flogger, the strands, of which there were many, appeared to be some type of metal.  i am still not sure if it was metal, i should have asked Mistress Tissa after O/our session, but it looked like metal and sure as hell felt like metal when She delivered each swing.  Periodically during the CBT phase of O/our session, Mistress Tissa stopped to give my penis a hard squeeze therefore forcing pre-cum from my penis, which She scooped up in Her gloved hand and fed back to me.  This is standard operating procedure during our sessions.  i “drool” a lot from my penis and Mistress Tissa wipes it away and feeds it back to me.  It is something that i have grown accustomed to during O/our sessions, primarily because i have no choice in the matter.    Needless to say, when this part of O/our session ended, i already had a very sore penis and testicles, but there would be more fun to come.

Next was a directive to move to and straddle Her bondage horse.  i was told by my Mistress to climb up on the horse and to make myself “comfortable” and to prepare for what would come next.  Honestly, i thought i was going to get “fucked.”  But, that was not the case, at least not literally.  Mistress Tissa then began beating my ass over and over again.  She again used various instruments to cause continual pain and discomfort to my ass.  She walked back and forth concentrating on one ass cheek and then the other, until i was very sore and probably very red.  Blow after blow came down on my ass, sometimes in very rapid succession and sometimes with slow and deliberate pauses in between.

After She was finished with me on the bondage horse, i was told to move again.  This time i was instructed to lie face down on Her bondage table and to again, “make myself comfortable.”  What followed was the most physical beating that i had ever experienced, by a long shot!  Again, Mistress Tissa used several different instruments to administer the beating.  The process was basically the same with Her walking back and forth around the table delivering blows to my back, my ass and the backs of my thighs.  i have been hit very hard on my ass and the backs of my thighs on numerous occasions, but i can never remember getting hit with such blunt force on my back.  At times, the pain was absolutely excruciating!  After using various devises on my back and ass, Mistress Tissa placed the final device into Her very strong, powerful and equally beautiful hand.  The device was a single tail whip.  i expected Mistress Tissa to start slow with that whip, and She did, but what followed was beyond what i had expected or ever experienced.  Mistress Tissa again rotated between my right and left side, whipping my ass, the back of my thighs and my back, with the single tail whip.  Every time the whip lashed against my skin it hurt, it just depended on how much.  i truly believe that i have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but this was really testing my medal.  At one point, while i was squirming on the table in pain, Mistress Tissa leaned in and very softly whispered in my ear, “what does it say on your chest?”  my response was, “it says slave.”  When O/our session began Mistress Tissa had written on my chest in a black marker, the word “SLAVE.”  She decided at that moment to remind me what She had written on my chest.  my interpretation of why She decided to ask me that question was first the obvious, which was to remind me that i was Her slave.   But in addition, i believe Her message was to convince me that to please Her, i needed to endure whatever was to come next.  As instructed by Mistress Tissa, i took a deep breath and prepared myself for the rest of my beating.

Speaking of Mistress Tissa’s instructions, i digress.  Throughout my beating Mistress Tissa continually coached me through this part of O/our session by instructing me on how to accept the pain She was administering.  And, i thank her for that.   Some of my instructions included breathing techniques, telling me to breathe in through my nose and to take short quick breathes out of my mouth.  It definitely helped me (a lot) as i was better able to process the pain that She was administering by listening to Her advice and by trusting Her implicitly.  i have come to trust everything that Mistress Tissa tells me to do during O/our sessions.  i have learned much from Her and truly value Her advice which always helps me to  enjoy O/our sessions immensely and to gain so much more from them.  She also instructed me to “stay within my body,” as she whipped me, again helping me to better process the pain that i was feeling.  There is no doubt in my mind that i would have been using my safe words during my single tail beating if it were not for Mistress Tissa’s firm, yet encouraging words.

Mistress Tissa is well educated in all phases of BDSM.  She not only knows how to administer pain and to push you to places where you never thought you would go, but equally importantly, She is able to help You to understand  Your body better and to help You to learn where all of Your limits are as only a true professional would know.   Like i have said before, during all of my sessions with Mistress Tissa, i feel as though She knows my body and my mind better than i know myself.

Finally, Mistress Tissa leaned in and again whispered in my ear, “can you take three more hard ones on your ass and back for Me?”  Mistress always demands (and deserves) honesty from me.  So to be completely honest, for a few seconds i thought about simply saying “no, i had enough.”  Then i remembered that i have never said “no” to Mistress Tissa.  i am not sure if that day will ever come, but i was determined not to let it happen on this day.  i nodded my head yes.  The three really intense blows to my ass and the backs of my thighs hurt a lot, but they were nowhere near what it felt like on my back.  Each blow to my back with the single tail whip was preceded by light taps on my back, with the whip.  Needless to say this added to my uneasiness as each lash hit my back, prior to the “big blow.”  Each of the lighter taps felt like a bee sting, the “big blow” felt like, well it felt like someone who is incredible strong was hitting you across your back with a single tail whip.  That describes it best!  It was one down and two to go.  More bee stings and then number two landed.  i again squirmed on the table.  One more to go, i knew at that point that with the help of Mistress Tissa, i was going to make it through my beating.  At that moment, i glanced at Mistress Tissa who was standing next to me dangling the single tail whip from her right hand and wearing the lace cincher that i had gifted to her.  At that very moment She looked as stunningly dominant as one could imagine, and unbelievably terrifying, to say the least.  i peeked as She delivered the first few bee stings, but turned my head to prepare myself for the “final blow,” which came with tremendous force and intense pain.  my back was on fire, but i still felt a great sense of relief and fulfillment.  i did it, or should i say, W/we did it!  Because, i never would have survived the beating Mistress Tissa gave me, without Her “coaching” and Her encouragement.  Thank You Mistress Tissa!


What a great way to end O/our session, or so i thought.  Mistress Tissa and Her incredible imagination had more in store for me.  Not that i am complaining, because i would soon learn that She was going to allow me to give Her an offering.  But before i was permitted to give Mistress Tissa an offering, She allowed me to experience something that i never thought could have been possible.  Mistress Tissa told me to roll over onto my now very sore back.  She then placed something on my penis that i have never felt before, and it hurt, a lot.  i had to ask Her what the CBT instrument was called.  To which Mistress Tissa replied, “Kali’s teeth.”


i would describe it as something that really bites (sorry about the pun) into the skin of your penis.  What followed next was incredible, to say the least.  In fact, i still have trouble believing that it happened.  Mistress Tissa climbed up onto the table and sat on my face, smothering me with Her beautiful ass!  She allowed me this amazing privilege!  And, i cannot emphasize enough that i believe it truly was a privilege.  Why did She allow me this special privilege?  i can only surmise that Mistress Tissa may have allowed me this privilege because i endured so much pain for Her.  i am not sure if that is the case, but i like to think so.  Either way, i would gladly experience the same intense beating at the hands of Mistress Tissa whenever She wants to administer one to me.  Especially now that She has taught me ways to effectively process the pain She administers.

As i was wearing Kali’s teeth, and still trying to digest what just happened, Mistress Tissa began rubbing my penis with a vibrator for several minutes while informing me that i would be giving Her an offering.


After some time, i asked and was granted permission, gave Her my offering, and then thanked Her for the privilege.  my reward was to have my cum scooped up and fed back to me as i laid on my back feeling completely spent and extremely satisfied.  i just hope that Mistress Tissa was equally satisfied with how i served her on this day.  i hope i earned high “marks” for my service to Her!

Truthfully, i have never had an orgasm where i did not touch myself.  And having Kali’s teeth biting into me as Mistress Tissa rubbed me with the vibrator created one of the most intensely enjoyable orgasms that i have experienced in recent memory.  Every single part of O/our session was absolutely amazing!  It was three hours of pure ecstasy!

When i returned to my car and prepared to drive away from O/our session it took several minutes to compose myself before starting the engine.  Finally driving away, i could not help but wonder how long i would have marks on my back.  They lasted a few days before fading, but the memory of my last session with Mistress Tissa will last much longer.  i am sure of it!

*slave m served Me especially well on this day, though his recollection of some aspects of our session are not quite correct (e.g. I did not whip him with what I would call “tremendous force” or he would have bled), but this is going to happen under certain circumstances and such experiences are subjective. Also, he needs more training.

slave m: tied and tickled

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Independence Day as “a holiday celebrating the anniversary of a country’s independence from another country.”  Mistress Tissa’s definition of Independence Day is quite different.  Mistress Tissa’s idea of Independence Day is for Her submissives to “celebrate their independence by giving it up.”  And that is exactly what i did during our most recent session.  When Mistress Tissa demanded that i give up my independence during a two hour session which included some very heavy bondage, i fully complied.  Anyone who has read my previous writings should have come to the obvious conclusion that i always give up “my independence” to Mistress Tissa during a session, by following each of Her commands with the utmost respect and reverence.  i never question Mistress Tissa.  i follow Her directives without hesitation and i do everything in my power to please Mistress Tissa at the highest level possible.  Mistress Tissa is a perfectionist and therefore deserves a slave who strives for perfection while serving Her and that is always my goal.  Needless to say, giving up my independence to Mistress Tissa takes place every time i session with Her, not just around the 4th of July.  So, how was this session different than the others that i have had with Mistress Tissa?  This is the first session that i had with Mistress Tissa where She used what i would call heavy bondage on me.  i have been tied up by Mistress Tissa before, but never quite like this.

After being instructed to lie on my back looking up at the ceiling, Mistress Tissa began the long process of heavy bondage on me.  First there were the ropes that She looped several times over my upper arms and then secured to Her bondage table.  Then there were the ropes that were looped several times around my wrists and again secured to the bondage table.  Like my arms, my legs were secured pretty much the same way with ropes being looped around each leg and then secured to the table.  Following the ropes, Mistress Tissa used straps that were stretched tightly over me and then secured to the sides of the table.  Even though it was almost impossible to move anything but my head slightly and my toes and fingers, Mistress Tissa was not yet done.  Chains were next.  i could hear the rattle of chains as they were also used to tighten the hold on me and to now make it that much more difficult to move.  i started to wonder if Mistress pulled the chains much tighter would i be able to stand the fact that some of my muscles were starting to tighten up from lack of movement.  At that point i convinced myself that i would take the pain She administered and that my safe word would not be used on this day.


At one point when Mistress walked away from me i tried to lift my head to take a peek at my predicament, but was unable to lift my head at all.  The reason was that Mistress Tissa had placed a different collar around my neck which was much wider than the collar that i wore during most of my sessions.  She referred to it as a posture collar.  It keeps your head up high and straight and prevents you from looking down at the ground.

During the period of time where Mistress Tissa was applying the bondage to me, we spoke with each other more than i can ever remember during any other session.  Actually i should correct that statement.  Mistress Tissa allowed me to speak more than i have in the past.  During most of O/our sessions i remain reasonably quiet focusing on serving Mistress Tissa and listening to her every command as to not make any mistakes.  i mostly speak only when Mistress Tissa directs questions at me and then i always give Her honest and accurate answers.  i am not sure if Mistress Tissa grew tired of our dialogue, but at one point She walked around the table stopping at the end of the table where my head was located.  She then asked me a question that appeared to come completely out of nowhere.  “Have you ever sucked a real cock?”  i gave Her my honest and accurate one word answer.  i am not sure if my answer had any bearing on what happened next, because Mistress Tissa then proceeded to shove a rubber dildo gag into my mouth and half way down my throat.  Needless to say our conversation ended, at least from my end.

Once i was completely secured to the table with the ropes, straps and chains, and I almost forgot, the rubber dildo, Mistress Tissa uttered the words, “What’s next?”  What was next was a little CBT performed by Mistress Tissa.  Mistress Tissa used some type of vibrating tool all over my cock and balls which at times caused discomfort, but at other times felt somewhat soothing.  It was actually quite tolerable.  What was not tolerable was what followed right after Mistress Tissa again uttered, “what’s next?”  What was next for me was complete torture.  Mistress Tissa began tickling me all over my feet, sides, legs and any spot She could find that would make me struggle in agony.  Honestly, i hate being tickled, which did not seem to bother Mistress Tissa, or curtail Her assault on me.  This form of torture went on for a very long period of time, or so it seemed, all the while Mistress Tissa had a devilish smile on Her face.  It was quite obvious to me that Mistress Tissa was enjoying my agony.


Finally, thankfully, Mistress Tissa decided to stop.  She then unstrapped me from the table and instructed me to kneel at my place in front of Her chair.   This may be my single favorite spot in Her Temenos.  In front of Her chair, kneeling at Her feet looking up at a true Goddess.  At that very moment, the 90 minutes of extreme bondage and the tickle torture all seemed worth it, i was where i wanted to be, listening to Mistress Tissa saying the words i love to hear, “slave m, you served Me well today.”

Before closing, i would like to expand on what Independence Day means to me as it relates to serving Mistress Tissa.  I recently attended a Broadway play where the line was used, “independence is full of many contradictions.”  There are no contradictions with Mistress Tissa.  What you see is what you get.  For me, what i see is a truly beautiful, intelligent and talented woman.  What i get is an amazing opportunity to serve an incredibly powerful and demanding dominatrix, exactly the way She wants and deserves to be served.  Thank You Mistress Tissa, for allowing me the opportunity to give up my independence to You.

slave m’s service

Dear Mistress Tissa:

Let me begin by thanking You for allowing me to serve you again during O/our most recent session.  i have been serving You as Your “slave m” for over a year now and i can honestly say that every session with You have been equally exciting and rewarding.  You are an amazing person in every way possible.  When O/our sessions begin and You instruct me to kneel at Your feet in front of You and explain why i have come to serve You, i always do my best to put into words my purpose for the day.  But in reality Mistress, i am always thinking to myself that i hope i am able to do everything You ask of me on this day, and most of all i hope that i am able to please You.  My singular purpose in coming to see You is always to do whatever You ask of me.  i want so much to please You, Mistress Tissa.

i am not sure how many times i have come to serve You over the past year, but i do know that every session has been different and unique in their own way.  i have come to expect the unexpected and it is one of the things i truly enjoy, the uniqueness of O/our sessions and the surprises that You always have in store for me.  But, i must admit that i also enjoy the fact that O/our sessions always begin with the same basic procedures.  i kneel at Your feet explaining to You why i have come to serve You.  i love kneeling in front of You and pledging myself to You.  You then place a collar around my neck, reminding me that I belong to You.  Although, i really do not need that reminder, as i know that i am Yours to do with as You please as soon as i walk into Your Temenos.  Although, it is always a pleasant reminder to me that when You place the collar around my neck it signifies first, that i belong to You and second, that i am about to begin two hours of absolute bliss!  At some point in this process, You always remove your red robe and allow me the privilege of seeing what You are wearing.  i have never made a request of You as to what You might wear during a session, as i know better than to ever give input as to what You might wear.  But, it is a treat for me when You decide to wear something that i had gifted to You during one of O/our sessions.  I had gifted to You an amazing latex bra and pants, which You decided to wear during O/our session.  i am not going to try to put into words how stunning You looked in Your latex pants and bra, i can’t, and actually no one could.  As i am writing this letter to You, my first thought is maybe You will post a picture of how You looked on that day so i can see You again.  But the truth is that it doesn’t matter, as I am sure i will not forget how incredible You looked, since it is now in my memory forever!

You then handed me a spray bottle and several paper towels and told me to polish Your latex outfit.  i was to spray this on your latex pants and bra and rub it into the latex, trying to bring it to the brightest shine possible.  Did i just write those words?  Were You really going to allow me to touch You?  You did, and i am still in disbelief.  During my last session with You, i was given the incredible privilege of washing Your feet, which still amazes me to this day that You allowed me that honor.  During this session You informed me that i was going to be permitted to rub the polish on the latex outfit You were wearing.

And so i began.  I sprayed small amounts of the silicone onto Your legs and began to rub the polish into the latex pants.  Besides the obvious joy i was getting from being permitted to touch You, it was extremely important to me that i did the best job possible shining your latex  up to your very high standards. As always, i was determined as ever to please You.


i have worked very hard over the last year during our sessions to please You by doing everything that You have asked of me.  Maybe You were allowing me this honor as a reward for my complete and total devotion to You.  Or, maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part.  It really doesn’t matter either way, as You were allowing me the incredible honor of polishing Your latex outfit, and i thought i had just entered the gates of heaven.  It was extremely important to me that i did the best job possible.  When i completed the task of shining Your latex, You inspected my work in the mirror and gave me approval for a job well done.  Inside i was glowing with a sense of pride that i had pleased You.

After toying with me for a while, which included engorging my penis and nipples with a suction pump…


…You prepared me for what would be the culmination of O/Our session.  You were going to again “make me Your bitch.”  But, before doing so, You carefully prepared me for what was to come.  You tied me up using various ropes so that i was completely immobilized.  First my upper body was tied up with my arms at my sides.  Mistress Tissa, i have said this to You before, You are a master at the art of domination.  The creative way You tied me up with the rope is rather hard to describe, but completed in a truly professional manner.  It is obvious to me that You take great care in learning Your craft and i am thankful that when i session with You, i am at the total mercy of a true master.  You are a brilliant dominatrix with skills beyond belief!  Next You had me kneel on the floor and place my head (face down) on a padded bench as You began to tie up my legs.  You had me bend my knees and bring my feet up as close to my ass as possible.  You then tied up my legs by wrapping the rope around my thighs and calves.  At the beginning, when the rope slipped off of my leg and fell to the floor, truthfully i thought what You were doing was not going to work and You might give up and try some other method of restraining me.  But, then i remembered that you probably rarely fail at anything and soon enough the rope was successfully tied in place and i was ready for You do to whatever You wanted with me.  i was prepared to “be Your bitch.”


Although You were out of my sight and i could not move, i guessed that You were strapping on Your dildo and preparing to dominate me in a most powerful way.  Next you placed my head in a harness so that i kept my head up and placed a large mirror directly in front of me.  By keeping my head up and looking directly into the mirror, i believe You were trying to deliver a clear message to me.  Actually the message could not have been clearer.  “slave m, You are going to watch me fuck You in your ass and You are not going to take your eyes off of me while i make You my bitch.”  Just to reiterate Your point, you had me repeat my mantra while i was getting fucked.  You required me to say things like, “i am Your bitch, “You own my fuck hole’” and more.  i repeat those phrases to You gladly and with reverence because i know they are true.  At one point of “Your ride’” You grabbed a hold of the rope handle You had created on my back and rode me like a jockey would ride a horse.  While doing so You slapped my ass several times.  Actually this created an odd sensation for me as i felt as though i was being cantered like a horse.  I can only hope that i gave You a good ride.

Mistress Tissa, it almost goes without saying that i am truly honored to be able to serve You and to be Your slave m.  During O/our sessions, i will always do whatever You ask of me and try to please You in every way possible.  I look forward with great anticipation to serving You again!


slave m

slave m: bound and tested

One-by-one Mistress Tissa placed clothes pins on my penis and testicles, seemingly taking more and more pleasure with each one that She placed in the most delicate of places. i was instructed to count each clothes pin as She slowly put each one in place. That was not an easy task, as i had a ball gag in my mouth and a hood placed over my head. The pain was absolutely excruciating, so much so that I still remember it vividly, now four days after the fact.  Mistress did not stop at 10 clothes pins, or 20, but ultimately placed 23 clothes pins on my now throbbing male genitals. As the process unfolded, i thought Mistress would ultimately run out of room as to where the clothes pins would be placed or maybe i was just hoping that She would. Regardless, She appeared to enjoy my obvious predicament as She kept inflicting pain on me, one clothes pin in at a time. i feel that Mistress now knows the absolute highest threshold of pain that i can stand during a session and often brings me right to that point before easing up. In so many ways, i believe that Mistress Tissa now knows me better than i know myself.

As i sat there in front of Her, on Her bondage chair, with the clothes pins now biting into my raw skin and the ball gag still in my mouth, Mistress decided to again prove her complete domination over me by penetrating me with a rubber penis. With one hand She pushed the penis in and out of my ass and with the other hand She tugged on the nipple clamps that She had just placed on my nipples. At that very moment i felt like i had reached the highest level of pain that Mistress Tissa has inflicted on me to date, but I was as determined as ever to make it through the session with the hope that i would please Her with my resilience.


With a hood over my head, a ball gag in my mouth and tied to a bonding chair the only sense that I had available to me was the sense of smell. During the most intense part of the session, i decided to breathe in Mistress Tissa’s amazing scent. She was wearing a latex cat suit which i had gifted to Her and between the smell of the latex and Mistress’s beautiful scent, i thought breathing in Her amazing scent would somehow take my mind off the intense pain that i was being subjected to. That was a big mistake. Mistress was not pleased with me and reminded me that i had not asked permission to breath in her scent. After removing me from the bondage chair She ordered me to climb up on the bondage horse. Mistress proceeded to beat my ass with a paddle which was a clear message not to do anything like that again without asking for permission first.

i am completely devoted to serving Mistress Tissa and worship Her in every way. Hopefully i will never displease Her again.

slave m