Erica Goes To A “Party”

erica I had not seen in quite some time. Over 7 years, in fact!

We had a little contact over the years, but for various reasons had not seen each other.

I wanted to be sure to thoroughly enjoy this slut when she arrived — and I did.

After dressing her to my tastes…

She’s a full A, if not B cup!

I took her and those perky tits to my “party”.

I think she enjoyed herself. 😉

Dear Mistress, just a belated note of thanks for providing such an incredible high on Wednesday afternoon.  I am just now coming fully back to earth.  There was so much to like about our time together.

First of all, you look marvelous, even more stunning than I remember but with an additional dash of elegance. Your soft, hypnotic voice would have been wholly sufficient to control me without any external restraints whatsoever.

Second, if, as they say,  the devil is in the details, our session was as devilish as it gets.  Your exquisite planning and flawless execution were not lost on me.  I loved the outfit you selected for me [to wear] … I can’t express how much I enjoyed the subsequent treatment you applied to render my nipples pink and swollen.

Finally, the party scene that you laid out was VERY realistic …  The forced restraint was both exhilarating and borderline terrifying. … I initially thought that you had indeed invited a real guest to partake.

All in all, I was greatly impressed by the scene you crafted for me, and particularly by the clever variations you used to embellish the scene that I outlined.  Specifically, due to your creativity in designating my role at the party, I will forever more think of last Wednesday as “My Afternoon as Mistress Tissa’s Slutty Party Favor.”

I’m glad you enjoyed being my party favor, erica!

(By the way…if you want to make the fantasy of being my party favor more of a reality, book a Party Pet session. More info here!)

Now Hiring: Skilled Worker

samantha came for a job interview at LUTS Industries.

I had to make sure she was the right fit for the job.

“Let’s see those tits, samantha.”

Just what I like: nice, hard nipples.

“Now, spread those legs.”

Promising candidate: I didn’t have to ask her twice.

“Can you come on your tits?”

“You’re hired.”

My hijra slave

Kaladhar came to serve as my hijra slave and slut.

I have some sarees so I put them in one that was beautiful fuchsia silk with gold.

I then painted their lips shiny red.


There was much we did, most of which was not documented as I was too engrossed in the scene, but I’ll highlight the breast play.

I laid my hijra down on the table and pumped their breasts nice and large for me…


Then, I tied them for my enjoyment…


I couldn’t resist pinching my slut’s nipples…


And the way my hijra melted and moaned under my touch, it was clear they enjoyed it, too.

Later that evening, they sent my a lovely email:

“i had an incredibly great time and You’re incredible in Your craft. i felt incredibly vulnerable, yet safe in Your presence while serving You. i really enjoyed how deliberate You were in incorporating the hijra identity into the play and reinforcing it at perfect times. Thank You again for letting me experience many new things such as having my breasts and nipples suctioned, putting on a saree, having my lips painted red, the incredible breast bondage, [omitted for privacy], and Your extremely sensual play with my nipples and breasts. i’ll always be grateful to You for granting me many such memories i’ll cherish for a long time. i will not hesitate in strongly recommending You to anyone who seeks to explore their submissive side…

Thank you, Kaladhar! As usual, it was delightful having you.

The Goddess’s prayer

Our Goddess who art on Earth

Hallowed by Thy name

Thy kingdom come

Thy will be done

On Earth as it is in Your Temenos

Give us this day, our daily abusemistresstissa_nipplebitch

and forgive us our disobedience

as we work to earn your forgiveness

and lead us from temptation

and deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom

and the power

and the glory

forever and ever



The pig slut comes back for more

slave john is definitely under My spell. I can tell because the time between sessions is decreasing. Three months became two months which then became three weeks.

Today, I continued to take over his mind while I performed various activities upon his body.

Since slave john is an insatiable nipple slut, I delighted in taking My time clamping and stretching his nipples to My satisfaction.


There was more, but you’ll have to use your imagination.


I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the next ten days.


A glutton for punishment

I had a lot of fun with slave john on his last visit: shoe worship, bondage, spitting, forced orgasm, all drenched in humiliation and glorious nipple torture.

Oh, and I tested a soft limit of his, which provided results which I think was surprising for him but not for Me. “I know you better than you know yourself,” is what I’ve said in the past. I know sluts like him. I know what really wants to come out. And I will happily usher it right into My waiting arms.


Here, slave john is tied down and “weights” for more torture…

He is such a hopeless pig he actually brings really painful things for Me to use on him. Haha!

He was also kind enough to bring Me some candles. All were wax, but some were wick-burning (and scented) and some were LED. Since the LED have a timer, I have set them to light the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Perfect ambience for a Goddess!


Thank you, slave john!

worthless pig slave

slave john could have been in a million other places this afternoon, but because he is a weak slut, walked right into My arms and begged (without words) for Me, the Charon of kink, to bring him to My domain — once again. (This time, however, he actually brought things for Me to torture him with!)

This slave is a bona fide nipple slut. I exploited My knowledge of this and made sure I gave him an afternoon to remember.


Poor pig.

And in case it wasn’t clear  — after everything I had done — who he was, I made sure I spelled it out for him.


He also brought Me this:


Thank you, sweet pig!

slave david returns…

…to offer his service to Me again.

After having a discussion about the levels of service one can offer, I instructed him to prepare the table. I was going to have him show Me whether he was a submissive or slave.

I applied layers of bondage to his body. No requests or complaints. Quite the opposite, in fact.

I prepared his nipples for My amusement.


Look at how they reach up, aching to be touched tortured.

Could he handle the fierce grip of forceps?


Am a pleased to say that, yes, he passed that test. No requests of complaints.

Then, I led him to My bench, where I administered many stokes to his ass with various implements: My hands, various paddles, and canes. Again, no requests or complaints — even when I tested him by offering him a choice between a silicone paddle and The Punisher. When I made a suggestion, he only said, “Yes, Mistress.” No requests or complaints.

So, on this evening, david showed Me that he indeed was My slave. By making no requests, he showed Me he was here to serve, not to be served. By making no complaints, he showed Me he was the slave to My Mastery.

His reward was that he was allowed to give Me an offering, right beneath My feet.


Oh, and he also brought Me this:


…accompanied by a thoughtful thank you card!