Masks have a lot of roleplay potential

You’re innocently walking down a dank and dimly lit alley when suddenly your sight goes dark as a hood is forced over your head. You’re shoved around and, by sound of your shoes echoing off the walls, into some concrete structure.

You’re forced into a seated position. Your hood is removed and, with a fearful glance around the room, you find yourself in some kind of torture chamber.

You eyes meet mine and…

…and you see the delight of a huntress than has just captured her prey.

“My newest victim,” I whisper.

“I hope you don’t have anyone waiting for you at home because I’m going to be keeping you here for a long, long time…”

What Happens When You Don’t Do Your Job

I gave Samantha an assignment.

She failed.

I decided she had to make up for it.


I brought her to my secret office…

…where I tied her down and taught her a few lessons.


Then, I bent her over her desk and hiked her slutty skirt up.


After I was done with her, there was no mistaking who she worked for.


I made her sign a contract that she will not disappoint me again.


I think she’s learned her lesson.

New to My Footwear Collection: Vintage Dr. Scholl’s Exercise Sandals

These famous sandals were popular from their inception in the 1960s through the 1980s. They have a contoured wood sole, leather strap, the unmistakable Dr. Scholl’s buckle, and a rubber, tread sole.

Here is a photo of my feet in them:

You may experience my wearing them in Sandal and/or Foot Domination and Role Play sessions, such as one taking place in the 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s.


patient john

Patient john presented with multiple chronic compulsions. Most notably was a deep hunger for his nipples to be tortured.

I evaluated him using My typical stringent methods.


After rigorous testing, most remarkable was the level of pain with which patient john was able to endure, and the level of satisfaction he self-reported from this pain.

Patient john is one of the most severe cases I have encountered.

Will require further study.


Capturing Batman

I am Batman’s weakness. So capturing him is very easy for Me to do.

A simple touch…


…and perhaps a bat of the eyelashes and a few well-chosen words…


…is all it takes to get him to turn into putty in My hands.

But his secrets?

I had to up the ante.


Eventually, I got My way.

I always do.

Batman stopped by for a little fun with Catwoman

Smile, Batman!


Forgive him for his lack of manners. He’s a little tied up right now ;>

I bet you wouldn’t mind being tied up by Me, would you?


Here’s what sub d had to say about our fun:

“You are FABULOUS. … It was GREAT sessioning and meeting you. You’ve been on my mind all day… You look GREAT and SEXY as Catwoman. … Best Catwoman ever! Even the ones on TV! Can’t wait to see you again and it will be soon!”

Thank you, sub d! Until next time…