Masks have a lot of roleplay potential

You’re innocently walking down a dank and dimly lit alley when suddenly your sight goes dark as a hood is forced over your head. You’re shoved around and, by sound of your shoes echoing off the walls, into some concrete structure.

You’re forced into a seated position. Your hood is removed and, with a fearful glance around the room, you find yourself in some kind of torture chamber.

You eyes meet mine and…

…and you see the delight of a huntress than has just captured her prey.

“My newest victim,” I whisper.

“I hope you don’t have anyone waiting for you at home because I’m going to be keeping you here for a long, long time…”

5 thoughts on “Masks have a lot of roleplay potential”

  1. OH MY GODDESS!!!! Me,Me,Pick me…..what a HOT roleplay.Who needs a double when a mind like yours can play 2-3 individuals in same session.The subs who have not met you are really missing out on a mind blowing experience.Speaking of missing out….I really miss you.

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