Capturing Batman

I am Batman’s weakness. So capturing him is very easy for Me to do.

A simple touch…


…and perhaps a bat of the eyelashes and a few well-chosen words…


…is all it takes to get him to turn into putty in My hands.

But his secrets?

I had to up the ante.


Eventually, I got My way.

I always do.

Batman stopped by for a little fun with Catwoman

Smile, Batman!


Forgive him for his lack of manners. He’s a little tied up right now ;>

I bet you wouldn’t mind being tied up by Me, would you?


Here’s what sub d had to say about our fun:

“You are FABULOUS. … It was GREAT sessioning and meeting you. You’ve been on my mind all day… You look GREAT and SEXY as Catwoman. … Best Catwoman ever! Even the ones on TV! Can’t wait to see you again and it will be soon!”

Thank you, sub d! Until next time…