Mommy/Daddy Roleplay

Mommy or Daddy roleplay involves my assuming the role as your “Mommy” or “Daddy” during the scene. You can be a boy or girl or something else or your choosing. It doesn’t matter what your gender identity is outside of our session. I also welcome age play/regression.

My style as a Mommy or Daddy is more strict and sadistic than gentle and nurturing. This means I may teach you how to behave and punish you and give you a spanking or paddling if you fail rather than give you a bottle and blanket and cuddle you.

My Mommy personality is more hard femme (my usual personality) rather than a femme-high femme “Mommy”. I would likely wear something like tight jeans, a blouse or tank, and heels/pumps. This is similar in energy to how I usually am but I wouldn’t be wearing fetish clothes, such as latex and vinyl.

My Daddy personality is more androgynous to butch rather than a femme “Daddy”. I would likely wear more natural makeup and something like a button-down shirt or tank, leatherette pants or jeans, possibly a leatherette biker jacket and cap, and boots. This is more gender play on my part than when I assume a Mommy role.

For those who, like me, appreciate Tom of Finland and the archetype of the Leather Daddy, you may have the privilege of being under the control of my inner Leather Daddy. These roleplays can include homosexual themes, whether you identify as homosexual, bisexual, queer or not.

IMPORTANT: I want to be absolutely clear that Mommy/Daddy role plays and the sometimes accompanying age play/regression NEVER include actual minors. These are psychodramas with negotiated activities that occur between consenting adults only. Requests for minors in any capacity, whether physical or in the form of photo or video, will not only be declined they will be reported to law enforcement.

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