Interested in receiving training from an authentic Mistress and professional Dominatrix?

I offer personalized training for individuals and couples in a wide variety of activities for submissives, slaves, bottoms, and/or fetishists. I typically do not train Dominants except in the … continue reading “Training”

Testimonial From slut b

“Mistress Tissa, i want to thank You so very much for allowing me the privilege of seeing You. … You challenge both my mind and body. Your questions and comments are very insightful and thought provoking. i have a long

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Correcting Luke

I welcomed Luke to Mistress Tissa’s Correctional Training Program this week.

He made a very good impression by bringing this charming card:


…and inside was a lovely note of appreciation and tip:


This is one of My specialties: training the … continue reading “Correcting Luke”