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Article: Kinky Sex Could Be the Secret to Your Success

“Many successful visionaries throughout history, from artists to scientists and even politicians, have had well-documented kinks and fetishes that affected how they operated in their daily lives.

A wave of recent research has confirmed this: If it’s something

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Testimonial From slut b

“Mistress Tissa, i want to thank You so very much for allowing me the privilege of seeing You. … You challenge both my mind and body. Your questions and comments are very insightful and thought provoking. i have a long

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Cleansing Luke

Luke needed another attitude adjustment. And I was just the person to give it.

Thorough discipline. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

Total Dominance. Mind, body, and soul.

Then, he needed to be tied…


…in a configuration befitting the sacrifice of body and … continue reading “Cleansing Luke”

Testimonial From C & M

Mistress Tissa,

We want to thank you for an incredible evening.  We have spent much of today thinking about how best to put our reactions into words.  The scene was crafted beautifully; the level of thought and care you put into it

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