Finding A Professional Domme

Last Update: March 30, 2020

Since FOSTA/SESTA was signed into law in April of 2018, pro Domme directories have disappeared. With that, people have been expressing dismay about where they can find Us. I have included some information below which … continue reading “Finding A Professional Domme”

Article: “The Thrilling, Messy Lives of New York’s Freelance Dominatrices”

I find most of this article problematic, but there is one part I did very much appreciate.

What I had issue with were that the examples they use of “freelance” (i.e. independent) Dominatrices are kind of odd, and ironically paint … continue reading “Article: “The Thrilling, Messy Lives of New York’s Freelance Dominatrices””

The Judgmental BDSM Professional

Have you ever had someone shame you about your identity or sexuality?

Feels horrible, doesn’t it?

Have you ever had a Domme or Mistress do it?

If you’re a genuinely submissive person, it can be especially damaging — possibly pushing … continue reading “The Judgmental BDSM Professional”