Testimonial From C & M

Mistress Tissa,

We want to thank you for an incredible evening.  We have spent much of today thinking about how best to put our reactions into words.  The scene was crafted beautifully; the level of thought and care you put into it was manifest.  Though we shared the experience, we thought we would each write our separate thoughts about it.

M:  One of the most striking aspects of last evening was your ability to set a mood and tone so early in the session.  Sitting on the couch, [watching] C disrobe at your command and (so readily!) follow your instruction was an amazing transition from the casual conversation we’d shared on your couch a few minutes before.  That particular tone only sharpened as the evening progressed; you weaved so many elements – words and visuals and tactile sensations – to evoke that deep sense of submission I’d wanted to experience so much.  What surprised me – what delighted me – was the depth of profound feeling you evoked.  Towards the end of our time, when you were reinforcing my utter powerlessness vis-à-vis C, whispering in my ear, and inflicting such intense pain, I felt a kind of release of raw emotion buried deep inside.  Thank you.

C:  Normally, I’m self-conscious about nakedness, even in front of M.  But I had none of that last night.  You authority was so clear the moment we walked down the steps that that the usual self-consciousness didn’t disappear – it never appeared in the first place.  I was immediately completely submissive, something that I struggle with with M, even though I want to be.  Later in the scene, you mentioned my desire not to submit to a man, which was an epiphany for me.  Being both a naturally submissive girl and also a strong professional woman, there is a struggle to submit without question to a man, even to one I love.  As sexy as the scene was, that’s a lasting takeaway from it that will affect and strengthen my bond with M.

We mentioned yesterday that when we found you, we knew you were the perfect fit for us.  Your intelligence and poise is something we value…

Again, thank you; last night won’t just be a collection of memories but a wonderful enhancement to our relationship.

C & M

(only slightly edited for privacy)

Thank you, both! It was a pleasure!

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  1. What an absolutely beautiful comment! This is so well written I feel as though I was in the room as a witness.I have been a part of that wonderful spell that Mistress can weave on many occasions.I understand what you mean when you speak of the infliction of pain.I wish you many more of these wonderful experiences.

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