Correcting Luke

I welcomed Luke to Mistress Tissa’s Correctional Training Program this week.

He made a very good impression by bringing this charming card:


…and inside was a lovely note of appreciation and tip:


This is one of My specialties: training the insolent male.

Given the extent of his condition, I did not go easy on him.

He needed a thorough work-though of his mind and body. He needed to know the errors of his ways.

When all was said and done, I think I made an impression on him.

“I am at a loss for words.

Okay, that’s a complete lie. I’m overflowing with words, emotions, and sensations – to such an extent that whatever I would write would probably sound over the top. Mistress Tissa has already taught me the folly and consequences of running off at the mouth, so let me be brief:

Mistress Tissa is absolutely incredible, exemplifying the title of Professional Domme. Her pre-session screening was extremely thorough and thoughtful, and established a great deal of mutual respect and trust between us. Having been…uhhh…around a bit, I already found this to be unique, notable, and very welcome. By the time I arrived, I really had no questions or concerns – just anticipation and excitement.

That excitement was fully justified.

It quickly became apparent that Mistress Tissa had read me like a book – which is uncanny, because sometimes I feel like I struggle to understand myself. Our session was so fluid, natural, and powerful that I’m still shuddering from the crescendo. I thought I was prepared, but Her height and beauty are intimidating and distracting, Her methods are devious, and Her presence is all-encompassing.

I have only begun to learn my lessons at Her feet. I humbly submit to whatever correction and humiliation She deems appropriate for the further expansion of my consciousness.




[Source: Max Fisch]


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