Ass Beating And…

fukpet and I took a tour of some implements this session: paddles, switches, canes, a belt, and my powerful hands. This is how it turned out.

After I beat his ass, he was rewarded.

After our experience, he had to say this:

“Once again I thank you for a fantastic session. It is always cleansing when I kneel at your feet to offer myself for your use, abuse and amusement. For the next two hours I was in your world, totally subject to your whims and desires. The session you crafted, as always, was like none previous. I never know what to expect as I enter your world. As the session intensified you brought me to a different level of consciousness. … It has been a very long time since I have had impact play like that. It was great. … I am not sure if it was true subspace but definitely a high, it not only lasted through the session but long afterwards. … I am grateful to have found you. A true sensual sadist, and … Goddess.”

Thank you, fukpet! I’m grateful you found me, too. Looking forward to our next Meet & Beat!

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