Monkey Dick: CBT slut

“I would no want to miss an opportunity to session with you. I am very much looking forward to our session.  Cannot wait to be back in Dungeon Temenos.”

…said Monkey Dick, a slut who I think is becoming addicted to My CBT.

Eagerly, he found his way into My clutches…


…where I proceeded to amuse Myself with his “jewels” (LOL)


(You can just make out the gleam of precum that was streaming down his rock-hard slavecock. If this were a video, you’d see what was two hours of copious drooling.)

Then came the fire. I enjoy roasted nuts, don’t you?


When all was said and done, here’s a brief excerpt of what he had to say:

“Dear Mistress Tissa:

Thank you for another great session.  You raised the bar on CBT.

It was great to be back in your dungeon under your exquisite control.

Thanks again.

[Monkey Dick]”

worthless pig slave

slave john could have been in a million other places this afternoon, but because he is a weak slut, walked right into My arms and begged (without words) for Me, the Charon of kink, to bring him to My domain — once again. (This time, however, he actually brought things for Me to torture him with!)

This slave is a bona fide nipple slut. I exploited My knowledge of this and made sure I gave him an afternoon to remember.


Poor pig.

And in case it wasn’t clear  — after everything I had done — who he was, I made sure I spelled it out for him.


He also brought Me this:


Thank you, sweet pig!

slave m gets restrained and lashed

As i sipped a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop only a few minutes away from my most recent session with Mistress Tissa, my mind played over and over again what might take place in a very short period of time.  As i took my last sip and departed for the session that i would soon be having with the beautiful Mistress Tissa, i somehow had come to the conclusion that i would be experiencing much pain during the session.  During my last session with Mistress Tissa, She did not inflict much pain on me and i left that session much fulfilled, but not at all sore.   i was now convinced that it would be highly unlikely that W/we would have two sessions in a row where Mistress Tissa did not try to find my threshold for pain, although  i am now totally convinced that She knows exactly where my breaking points are and will test them whenever She pleases.  i somehow knew that this session was going to be a painful one and i was completely right; this session would be filled with pain!  During O/our last session i modeled some of Her new “toys” including a body bag, feet and hand bondage gloves and more.  During this session i would be modeling something quite different for Mistress Tissa, red welts all along my back, my ass, and the backs of my thighs.

After kneeling at Her feet and again explaining to Mistress why i had come to serve Her on this day, She instructed me to climb up on Her bondage table and to lie face down.  Naturally i complied without question.  my feet were placed in bondage boots and my ankles tied together, my arms were stretched over my head and tied together.  And finally, a hood was placed over my head, limiting my sight.  It was time to prepare for what was to come, a beating from a Goddess.


Mistress Tissa used various instruments of pain on me including a cane, various whips and floggers, and finally a rubber whip.  Mistress Tissa has an amazing aim and pretty much hits any spot She is aiming for.  When She whips me, She usually starts slow and then intensifies the whipping over time.  my head was somehow tied down to the bondage table so that i could not lift up my head up to see Mistress as She was whipping me.  i was completely immobilized.  Whenever Mistress is administering some type of painful exercise on me, i always try to imagine what She might look like as She is inflicting the pain on my body.  In this case, i kept imagining what Mistress might look like as She raised Her beautiful hands in the air and then brought the whips down onto my bare skin.  Once Mistress had settled on the rubber whip, the pain increased to an almost unbearable level.  At one point, Mistress checked with me to see if i was ok with marks as long as they were not visible when i was fully dressed.  my transformation to where i now allow marks on my body has been very deliberate.  When i first started seeing Mistress Tissa, i asked Her to leave no marks at all, now i am content with any marks that She leaves on me, as long as they are not permanent.  And on this day, i would be marked exactly how and where Mistress Tissa wanted me to be marked.

Lash after lash was administered on my back, my ass, and the backs of my thighs, but just as the pain increased to the point where i thought of using my “safe” word, Mistress Tissa would stop the onslaught.  She would then place Her amazing hands on the exact spot that hurt the most.  i truly believe that Mistress Tissa could heal almost anyone simply through Her touch, somewhat like a Reiki Master.  First the whip cuts through the air lashing into your skin and then She touches you in that amazing way and the pain subsides instantly.  i almost felt like i could have been whipped all day, as long as Mistress Tissa followed up the beating by touching my burning skin.

After the whipping was completed, Mistress Tissa did something to me that She had never done before.  She leaned over my body and slowly moved up and down allowing her hair to fall onto my body.  Her beautiful hair actually touched me as She walked up and down allowed me to feel the amazing sensation of her hair falling onto my back.  It felt exquisite to say the least!  Mistress Tissa called it a “hair bath.”  i would have called it a small “touch of heaven.”  After untying me, Mistress told me to climb off of the bondage table and to walk over to the mirror to look at my back.  Red welts were already starting to show on my back and my ass.  At that moment Mistress Tissa spoke the words that made it all worthwhile.  She told me that She was pleased that i took the pain for Her.  There is nothing that She could possibly have said at that moment that would have been more satisfying to hear.  I pleased Mistress Tissa!


Next, i was instructed to lie down on the floor on my back and keep my hands at my side.  Mistress Tissa then stood over me looking down at Her devoted slave.  i always love when She does this during a session.  i love being below her in any way and looking up at Mistress Tissa.  It is an honor to do so.  The intense power She exhibits at that very moment is incredible.  She then lifted Her heel and ran Her foot over my body, sometimes pressing down on me to cause some distress.  She then stepped onto my penis and i braced myself for the pain that i guessed would soon come.  It did not.  Finally Mistress brings her heel to my mouth and tells me to kiss the bottom of her shoe and to kiss the long heel of her shoe, to which I quickly comply.  What happens next is something that Mistress has rarely done to me.  She squats down and places my head between Her incredibly powerful thighs.  She lightly squeezes my head between Her amazing legs and looks down at me, smiling at my predicament.   When i think back to that part of O/our session with Mistress Tissa, it reminds me of the famous Lou Gehrig quote, “today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”   At one point during O/our session, Mistress Tissa reminded me that i was a very luck slave.  Mistress Tissa is always right, but that statement on that day could not have been more right.

Next, a leash was hooked to the collar around my neck that i had worn throughout O/our session and Mistress told me to get on “all fours.”  She then proceeded to walk throughout Her Temenos pulling me behind Her like a pet dog.  i will do almost anything Mistress Tissa asks me to do (actually right now i cannot think of anything that i would not do for Her), so i was quite content crawling behind this powerful Woman as She walked throughout the room.  Periodically Mistress stopped, lifted Her heel off of the ground and told me to kiss the bottom of Her feet.   This went on for several minutes, i would have been content doing this for hours, but that is never my call.

As the session began to draw to a close, Mistress Tissa informed me that i was to kneel in front of Her.  She then instructed me to bend over and place my forehead on the floor as She would be using me as Her “ottoman.”  She then rested Her feet on my back.  Needless to say, that worked for me!


After She was fully rested, She told me to straighten up but to stay on my knees.  i was then instructed to stroke myself, as i would be permitted to give Her “an offering” on this day.  Mistress Tissa informed me to keep stroking, but reminded me that i needed to ask permission before having an orgasm.  i always try to remember to ask permission.   In fact, i hope that i never forget to ask permission to have an orgasm when Mistress Tissa allows me to give Her an offering.  i am positive that i do not want to know the consequences of forgetting to ask permission in Her presence.  As i came close to my orgasm, i asked and was granted permission, but just as i was about to ejaculate, Mistress Tissa pulled my hand away, reminding me (without words) who controlled every part of my being.  A few drops of semen fell onto the pad below me.  Our session was now over.

It has now been a few days since my last session with Mistress Tissa.  The red welts on my back have completely faded, but the memories of my last session with a most amazing Goddess have not faded in the least.  Thank You, Mistress Tissa.

slave m recalls another session

my most recent session with Mistress Tissa was 24 hours ago and i am still sore. I never know what to expect in my sessions with Mistress, but this time i was somewhat taken back by the intensity of O/our session. And it was intense! i have always felt like i have a high threshold for pain so it became very clear to me early in O/our session that my pain tolerance was going to be tested by a truly strong and powerful Woman. Mistress Tissa prepared me for the “corporal punishment” that i was about to receive by placing a hood over my head, then blindfolding and gagging me before forcing me to kneel balanced on a padded bench, with my legs spread and my hands locked into a harness above my head. I was not sure what would take place in the next part of the session but I was pretty sure how it would end. I knew that Mistress would have her way with me and there would be no turning back. Several different “instruments of torture” were then used on me, including a cane, a riding crop, and some other type of whip that hurt like hell when it landed on some of my most sensitive areas. i am not sure how long the “beating” lasted but i know i came close several times to using the “safe” word to get Mistress to let up. She did not, and i am extremely proud of the fact that I did not use her safe word and that she later praised me “for taking it like a champ.”


Some of the most memorable parts of the session were the short pauses in between the “beatings” where I would quickly give thought as to what instrument would be used next, where it would land and how much it would hurt. I can also remember how Mistress Tissa softly touched me on the sensitive areas that she just inflicted pain on to help get the blood to flow to those areas and to gain a sense of relief. What she can do with her beautiful hands is amazing. One second she administers incredible pain with them and the next second provides relief through her touch. Finally, I knew what would come next as Mistress alerted me to get ready be her “bitch.” Mistress entered me from behind and proceeded to remind me how much power she had over me and how she would demonstrate it by once again “becoming her bitch.” Not that I had much say in the matter, nor did i want to, truthfully i would have been anything that Mistress wanted me to be during this or any other session.

Thank you Mistress

slave m

slave m must have been in some level of disorientation and subspace because some details of his recollection are inaccurate. For one, I used a variety of implements on him, not just three.