worthless pig slave

slave john could have been in a million other places this afternoon, but because he is a weak slut, walked right into My arms and begged (without words) for Me, the Charon of kink, to bring him to My domain — once again. (This time, however, he actually brought things for Me to torture him with!)

This slave is a bona fide nipple slut. I exploited My knowledge of this and made sure I gave him an afternoon to remember.


Poor pig.

And in case it wasn’t clear  — after everything I had done — who he was, I made sure I spelled it out for him.


He also brought Me this:


Thank you, sweet pig!

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  1. Yes, I am the pig slut who submitted to Mistress’s torture today.I had 90 min of subspace and nothing more than we discussed ,for those who are scared of blog or website, what a wonderful afternoon.Mistress is not a clock watcher and fulfills time and plus if all go’s right.I am an extreme nipple slut and Mistress filled my cup and at the end spilled it over by my own weakness. Mistress is very powerful both thru suggestion and semi force.I can say for those who are cautious or semi afraid it is time to put on your big boy pants and go see Mistress Tissa,stop just mind play, and let the best in Phila. let it do for you.I think Mistress can handle most but you have to understand if your too off the hook ,YOU have to understand, she’ll tell you nicely.My exp after 3 sessions has gotten better.If you want your sub fantasies satisfied,by any means NOT full service,have a nice 90 min w/ Mistress you will not regret.I am still in space 6 hours later …..WOW!!!!.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, slave john. “Best in Phila”? That’s the fourth time I’ve heard this — and the second time this week! Still in space 6 hours later? WOW, indeed!!

      Two things I’d like to comment on:
      1. I think this pig does not mean to look like he’s judging Me with his assessment of who I may or may not be able to “handle”. Yes, I’m not for everyone and everyone is not for Me (equipment limitations notwithstanding). If someone is presenting themselves and what’s important to them honestly, I will honestly tell them if I think we’re a good match. This is one of the reasons why I turn some away (often referring them to another Domme). Sometimes I turn people away because while I may be a good match for them, they are not a good match for Me.
      2. slave john says his experience after 3 sessions has gotten better. I’m glad for this, but in case some is thinking, “does this mean the first two may not have been good or as good?” and being concerned that they may not have a good session with Me. I do remember this pig telling he that I brought him to subspace both times — and in only an hour, mind you — and that he doesn’t always go there. Also, it’s important to know that there are multiple variables that make a session good. One of those things is the connection you have with one another. I feel that after a few sessions, I know this slut better. I think that that may help better describe his somewhat ambiguous comment.

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