Giving Thanks

This has been an up and down year for Me. Ultimately gratifying, but unpredictable. This comes with being a pro Domme full time.

Never really knowing what’s around the corner makes Me especially grateful of those who have shown support of Me and what I do in tangible ways.

While I always appreciate those who engage My writing, photos, jokes, rants, etc and extend their compliments, it’s those who show Me they are willing to offer more than just words by booking a session (whether it was one or thirty), offering a gift, or sending a tribute. Because as sweet as compliments can be they aren’t what allows Me to continue the joy of being a Dominatrix and share these amazing experiences with you all.

So, I want to sincerely thank all of you who have done just that.

Extra Special Thanks goes to:

slave john, an incredibly thoughtful and generous person who has offered things to Me, My cats, My home, My dungeon, along with many heart-warming words, and who I am absolutely delighted chooses to visit Me.

slave m, who, despite not serving Me in-person anymore, continues to send many wonderful gifts and exceedingly kind words.

sub p, whose kind, gentle soul and amiable demeanor provides soothing relief — both in and out of the dungeon — in an otherwise demanding and stressful line of work.

Luke, who wrote a very touching review of our amazing session, shows support through Twitter by commenting on and retweeting My thoughts, and sent a lovely birthday gift.

pauletta, who has been a support for almost eight years now, and who sends lovely gifts to Me.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Mistress Tissa

New to Temenos: St. Andrew’s Cross

Several months ago, slave m gave Me a gift to add something to My dungeon.

After two attempts to have someone make what I was looking for, and both of those ending in the person flaking, I was getting ready to make it Myself.

Just when I had acquired some hardware to begin the project, I found another person.

Thankfully, they followed through, and I just got the packages in the mail:


Getting it out of the package took almost as much time as putting it together.


I’m excited to finally add this to My dungeon.

Thank you, again, to slave m, for his monetary gift toward this piece!

Now, sluts, come and get whipped!



I received this fantastic gift without any information on who is was from.

Knowing there’s one person who usually sends gifts without notes attached, I made a phone call…

…to slave m.

“Did you send Me a gift?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Was it the amazing computer audio system from My wishlist?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Thank you, slave m!!

The sound quality is excellent!! A nice upgrade from My previous set up.

Holiday gift from slave m

slave m asked Me what I wanted for the holidays and since I prefer not to demand any one particular thing and the required cost that goes with it (something I wouldn’t do if I don’t have that kind of arrangement with a slave), I provided him a list of several items which ranged in price, from $600 to $10.

Well, I received a lovely card from slave m today:


He opted not to choose which item to buy but instead sent Me enough for the most expensive, so that I could either buy it or buy a combination of other items.

THANK YOU, slave m!!! you are very good to Me!!!

slave m says goodbye

With great sadness, slave m has told Me that he no longer is able to continue serving Me. Here is his last entry.

After every one of O/our sessions i have taken the time to write a summary of my experiences during that particular session.  This time i have decided to take a different approach and instead take this opportunity to thank You for allowing me to serve You as i did for the past year and a half and for being an absolutely  amazing Dominatrix who far exceeded anything i could have expected and/or anticipated over that period of time.   As always, You may do whatever You wish with my writings, although i am not sure that this one will read well in Your BDSMlog.  But, it is important to me that i share my thoughts with You.  First, i would like to thank You on numerous levels.

Thank You for always being so thorough and professional while allowing me to serve You.

Thank You for the tremendous care that You took in making sure that every session was conducted in a safe and sane way.

Thank You for clearly communicating Your expectations of me, so that i could serve You in ways that were extremely enjoyable for me and (hopefully) enjoyable for You.

Thank You for helping me to never feel rushed during a session and for always taking the time to make sure that i was physically and emotionally ready to efficiently serve You on that day.

Thank You for being so creative and resourceful during O/our sessions.  i visited You on numerous occasions over the past year plus and i can honestly say that no two sessions were ever alike.  Your creativity was amazing and Your imagination during O/our sessions was limitless.

Thank You for being so thorough in all aspects of BDSM.  You are a true professional in every way possible.

Thank You for being so open and honest with me.  i have learned to trust You in every way reasonably possible which made serving You that much more gratifying.  i know that i am very biased towards You (sorry i can’t help it), but i truly believe that You have mastered Your chosen profession*.


A few more final thoughts:

It is quite obvious to anyone who sees you in pictures or in person that You are incredibly beautiful, and i am sure You are told that quite often.  During O/our sessions i can honestly say that You often took my breathe away, both literally and figuratively.  But, from my perspective, You are equally beautiful on the inside.  I mean that.  It is obvious to me that You truly care about others and that comes across in both words and more importantly in actions.  On top of that, i have always felt respected and valued as a slave/submissive to You.

i know that during our last session You made a noticeable attempt to incorporate activities that i enjoyed the most.  Please do not get me wrong because i enjoyed that session very much, but honestly speaking, the most enjoyment for me came from serving You exactly the way You wanted to be served.  i hope You know that!  i guess one way for me to explain it to You is to tell You that i loved every single activity that W/we did during O/our sessions, but maybe i loved some more than others.

You have asked me if i read a particular piece that You may have written in Your BDSMlog.  Honestly i have read every piece that You have written, some numerous times.  i enjoy connecting with You in every way possible.   Actually i have a favorite piece that You wrote and here it is, “while nearly everyone who calls themselves slave is only fetishizing it, slave m exemplifies it.  he NEVER makes any requests for O/our sessions, but gratefully accepts whatever I decide W/we will be doing that day; he regularly sends or brings me wonderful gifts; and he is exceedingly well-mannered and humble.  I am a VERY lucky Mistress to have slave m!”  i guess You know why that is my favorite piece.  But, with all due respect Mistress Tissa, You are wrong, i am the LUCKY one for having served a most amazing Dominatrix!  Serving You was beyond anything i could have possibly imagined.


*I have not, but an adoring slave is going to believe his Mistress has done so!

THANK YOU for your kind, thoughtful, selfless, and generous service, slave m. I will miss you greatly!

New casual boots

I received these boots from My wishlist yesterday:


They came without a note, but I found out they’re from slave m!

These are lovely addition to My heeled boots which are also suitable for the winter. They have a nice, soft faux fur lining. And buckles. Which I love. (The buckles are under the white paper.)

Thank you, slave m!!

Surprise coat

This came in the mail from an unknown giver:mistresstissa_mfcoat

What is it, you ask? A monster fur coat! Black monster fur has been My signature coat for almost 20 years. This is the first time I’ve had one with a hood.

Here’s a quick selfie of Me wearing it:


Thank you, mystery giver slave m!! (Found out it was sneaky slave m again!)

slave m: pain and pleasure

my most recent session may have been the most incredible mix of pain and pleasure that i have ever experienced, during my entire time serving Mistress Tissa.  The pain part was incredibly intense and the pleasure part was intensely incredible.  i am sure this session will be entrenched in my memory, maybe forever.

After again explaining to Mistress Tissa why i had come to serve Her, from my knees at Her feet,  it was time for O/our session to begin.  Mistress Tissa placed an open body bag on Her bondage table and prepared it for my entrance.  After following Her directive to climb up onto the table, Mistress began inserting a large butt plug into my well lubricated ass.  It felt rather large and took some time for Mistress Tissa to work it into my ass, but of course She succeeded.  The butt plug would remain there throughout the remainder of O/our session.  Mistress Tissa then began rubbing Her beautiful and sensual hands on my arms and legs and i immediately began leaking from my penis.  The “leaking part” has become a standard operating procedure during O/our sessions when i am lucky enough to have Mistress Tissa touch me.  When i do leak, i always know what will happen next.  Mistress Tissa scoops up my pre-cum and feeds it back to me.  Truth be told, as soon as i am in the presence of Mistress Tissa i get excited, i can’t help myself.  When you look into Her enchanting green eyes, who wouldn’t get excited?   For me, i get very excited just to be able to interact with Her in any way and most importantly to be at Her complete mercy, or lack thereof.  Mistress Tissa is a true Goddess whose beauty is so captivating that it takes your breath away.

After Mistress Tissa stopped feeding me my mid-session snack, She zipped up the bottom of the body bag to just below my waist and then clamped the top of the bag closed.  The only two body parts that were outside of the bag were my head, which would soon be covered by a hood, and my penis, which would soon be tortured by a TENS unit.


i am not sure why but there is no single instrument that Mistress Tissa uses on me that causes as much pain and trauma as when She uses Her TENS unit on my penis and balls.  In fact, it was during one of my earlier sessions with Mistress Tissa that i had to call yellow to stop Her assault of my penis with the TENS unit.  And although i did not call yellow during this session, i came close several times.  Mistress Tissa had attached the TENS unit to the tip of my penis and began to “turn up the dial.”  The pain was excruciating!  i tried to use all of the methods that Mistress Tissa has taught me regarding accepting pain as more of a sensation to be enjoyed, rather than pain to be endured.  But, truthfully this time i struggled.  There is something that is painfully excruciating (for me) about that TENS unit being used on my penis.  Even though Mistress Tissa informed me that She did not turn up the dial to a maximum load, it felt like a maximum load to me.  When the electricity shot through my penis, i shot up off of the bondage table.  The fact that Mistress Tissa had tied me to the table with ropes helped to keep me in place as the currents shot through my penis.


Finally, Mistress Tissa decided that i had enough and She slowly untied me and removed me from the body bag.  Mistress Tissa then sat down in a chair in the corner of Her Temenos and directed me to lie on my back with my head close to Her feet.  She then unzipped and removed Her long black boots, placing Her exquisite feet just inches from my head!  i held my breath for what i hoped would happen next.  It did!  Mistress Tissa placed Her feet on my face.  i breathed in deeply, trying to fill my lungs as much as possible with Her amazing scent.  my mind began racing as i could not help but wonder if Mistress Tissa might allow me to worship Her feet in some way.  Was this really happening?  i was then as determined as ever to listen to every word that Mistress Tissa said to me for the next period of time, for two reasons.  First, i wanted to make sure that if She gave me a directive to worship Her feet that i would do exactly what She told me.  And second, i did not want to make any mistakes as to what Mistress Tissa expected of me.  i very much wanted to please Her!

Here are just a few of the privileges that Mistress Tissa allowed me:

-Mistress Tissa pressed down on various parts of my body with Her feet.

-Mistress Tissa placed her feet directly on my face allowing me to breathe in her amazing scent.

-Mistress Tissa allowed me to kiss the bottom of her feet several times, actually twice, but who’s counting.

-Mistrsss Tissa placed her big toe in my mouth and instructed me to suck on it “once” and then “twice.”  i did as i was told and loved that privilege more than i could have imagined.  Actually, i was hoping She would say “three” but that did not happen.  But, i was happy with “once or twice,” even though i was hoping for more.


Throughout, Mistress Tissa rubbed Her striking feet across my face.  i loved every single second of O/our “foot session.”  It was FANTASTIC!

O/our session soon ended and Mistress Tissa again informed me that She was pleased with the way i served Her.  If She was “pleased,” i was ecstatic!  Mistress Tissa, what can i say, You are truly an amazingly beautiful and captivating Goddess and i feel truly honored to be able to serve You!  Thank You for a truly memorable session.