Another gift from my list

The very thoughtful sub c sent me a Jag harness from my wish list:

You lucky fucks get to see a candid of me in my underwear, trying it on with one of my newest cocks:

Like the other harnesses I have from Aslan, it’s strong and well made. It can easily handle a big dick like this. I just had to put a bigger O-ring to accommodate its girth.

I love it! Thank you, sub c!

Goth Fetish

Have you ever fantasized about a Goth Goddess…
…bringing you home to Her dungeon?
….giving you a spanking?
…tying you up?
…treating you with indifference?
…making fun of you?
…whipping you?
…using you in Her occult ritual?


(A quick candid before My new goth fetishist arrived)

I spent many years in the goth/industrial scene and am well versed in the culture. I enjoy scenarios which incorporate dress (especially old school goth), scene music (post-punk, 80s or 90s goth, industrial, EBM), and/or embodying characters (Witch, Ice Queen, etc).

This area is one of My specialties.

pauletta serves Me all day

I hadn’t seen pauletta in a couple of years — and it was time to change that.

After agreeing that it would be fantastic for her to serve all day long, she hopped on a plane to Philly.

First, she had to prove herself worthy to serve by cleaning My floors.


I think you missed a spot, bitch…


She then graduated to serving My feet. (Which I enjoyed so much that I neglected to take any photographs.)

pauletta then had the privilege of taking Me to a lovely dinner.


Once we returned, I demanded that pauletta strip and then restrained her on the cross.


See how she thrusts her ass out for Me? Further, pauletta, further…show Me how much you ache for it…

pauletta had asked for the honor of being whipped by Me. Specifically, she had never been whipped hard and wanted to know what it was like.

After giving her a taste, it was time for one to remember…


she shuddered and clung to the cross. I smiled.

I then moved her to My bench. It was time to have her truly earn her place.


…and that she did.

A short excerpt from pauletta:

O/our session allowed me to let go of my ego! It was so much fun!!

You were so gracious, and generous, and fun last night.

… I can’t thank You enough.

Thank you, pauletta! What a lovely day I had with you!


Someone wants to be My bootbitch again…

sub james seems to have been confused about who he is and who he wants to serve.

After some discussion about My expectations and his responsibilities, he offered Me some new boots from My wishlist, which I received today:


A very candid shot of Me wearing them:


Thank you, james! They are very sexy.

We’ll see how serious you are about resuming your title…



Montréal: Bonjour et Au Revoir!

Though I was only in Montréal for the weekend, I enjoyed Myself.

Probably My favorite thing was being able to practice My French without feeling like I would make a fool of Myself. I frequently spoke something like “Franglais”, a blend French and English, and no one batted an eye because pretty much everyone I encountered fluently spoke both.

Another favorite thing was My visit to the Notre-Dame basilica, which was very beautiful — and inspired Me to finish what I need to do to offer religious play. (Mmm yes, I’m such a blasphemer!)

On My birthday, I got dressed up for a fancy dinner:


Sadly, it was just short of a nightmare. I’ve save the details because they are NOT SEXY.

I also visited a couple of sex shops because that is one of My other favorite things to do when I travel. One was Priape, which caters towards gay men, but has a decent selection of toys and SM gear. I bought a few things, including some interesting new nipple clamps. (I already tried them on Myself, of course. Can’t wait to try them on some of you…)


Montréal, I will be back. :>



Presents (amended)

slave m sent Me another pair of these excellent faux suede boots. This time in gray:


Added – another candid of Me wearing them:


Thank you, slave m!!

And also birthday gifts from pauletta! A beautiful, luxury leopard-print robe and some sandalwood, patchouli, and frankincense incense (some of My faves):


Here’s a quick selfie of Me wearing it:


Thank you, pauletta!!