More hot boots

sub james sent two more pair of boots to Me.

A faux leather version of one of My favorite pair of thigh-highs:


And this pair of black patent thigh-highs sans accoutrements (I have the “crotch” version and wanted this version because they are cut in a way which I prefer):


Thank you, james! They are beautiful!


Hot boots

sub james finally made good on his word and sent these sexy boots:


This heel is 8″ and is currently the highest I have. I don’t typically get ones this high because I’m already pretty tall. This heel makes Me 6’5″.

I was so turned on when I put them on, I decided to clean My entire dungeon while wearing them. Of course, I stopped several times to strike some powerbitch poses in the mirrors.

Who will be the lucky slut that I debut them with?


Someone wants to be My bootbitch again…

sub james seems to have been confused about who he is and who he wants to serve.

After some discussion about My expectations and his responsibilities, he offered Me some new boots from My wishlist, which I received today:


A very candid shot of Me wearing them:


Thank you, james! They are very sexy.

We’ll see how serious you are about resuming your title…



Today’s gifts

Today I received these two pair of sexy, pointy-toed boots from sub james:


Thank you, My sweet bootbitch!

I also received this belated birthday card from slave m with a very kind gift inside:


Delicious, crisp cash for a St. Andrew’s Cross and a bullwhip he knew I wanted! Thank you, wonderful slave m!

Birthday gifts

First, I received this e-gift card to Fetish Factory in the email from slut b:


Thank you, slub b!

Then, this soft and supple, halter leatherette dress from slave m:


Thank you, slave m! (I realize it looks shitty right out of the package, but I tried it on and it’s a very different story.)

Next, this fabulous Sonos speaker for My dungeon:


Thank you, sub james! (Who I’m proud of for showing an act of genuine submission by offering something for My dungeon instead of resorting to his usual weakness for shoes and boots.)

And then a lovely card with crisp cash inside from slave john:


Thank you, slave john!

bootbitch james is back

sub james went missing at some point in the past several months. But just days ago he sent Me a message announcing his return! Of course I asked him where My welcome back gift was. Like a good bootbitch, he promptly went to My wishlist and sent Me these gorgeous boots:


He has begged to lick them.