Hot boots

sub james finally made good on his word and sent these sexy boots:


This heel is 8″ and is currently the highest I have. I don’t typically get ones this high because I’m already pretty tall. This heel makes Me 6’5″.

I was so turned on when I put them on, I decided to clean My entire dungeon while wearing them. Of course, I stopped several times to strike some powerbitch poses in the mirrors.

Who will be the lucky slut that I debut them with?


3 thoughts on “Hot boots”

  1. Thank you for sharing the photo of your new boots, MIstress Tissa. You are already tall & strong and now you’ll be even taller. This is enjoyable for males to know. I hope the local males will enjoy the experience.

  2. Should be james but even if I couldn’t be first I’d love to adore that boot.Funny,I never used to be much of a heel/boot sub. I think I’m being subliminally conditioned.

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