Someone wants to be My bootbitch again…

sub james seems to have been confused about who he is and who he wants to serve.

After some discussion about My expectations and his responsibilities, he offered Me some new boots from My wishlist, which I received today:


A very candid shot of Me wearing them:


Thank you, james! They are very sexy.

We’ll see how serious you are about resuming your title…



2 thoughts on “Someone wants to be My bootbitch again…”

  1. Thank you for sharing these photos, Mistress Tissa. I am honored to read your blog posts and to view the pictures. I love how tall and commanding you are, even in photo featuring only your legs and the boots. I’m also happy that you were able to direct sub james.

  2. When you set the hook it goes deep…they CAN’T get away!! MWAA HA HA! It was only a matter of time,and I’m waiting for the return of one more who has strayed from your flock to come back.:)

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