My Trip To Italy And Greece

It’s been a month(!) since I got back from my two-week vacation to Italy and Greece.

I’ve been meaning to update my blog but as soon as I got back I began three-weeks of being very busy. I had sessions … Read the rest “My Trip To Italy And Greece”

My trip to Europe

I recently vacationed for 10 days in Europe. The itinerary was: Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, and London.

After a connection in Dublin, I landed in Amsterdam.

I spent the afternoon dealing with some jet lag, but then ventured out and walked … Read the rest “My trip to Europe”

Booking a scene with Me while I’m attending DomCon

You may have noticed that I don’t travel a lot. Or if I do it’s more of the “leisure” variety. So, if you reside in the Los Angeles area and don’t come My way often (if at all), or you … Read the rest “Booking a scene with Me while I’m attending DomCon”

Back in Philly…and birthday gifts

Back from a week in beautiful Maui! I spent much of My birthday week on the beach, having an adventure, or eating good food. There were several beautiful beaches near the condo I stayed at. I did a good amount … Read the rest “Back in Philly…and birthday gifts”

Travel: DomCon and OC, CA


I will be available for sessions during the following:

  • DomCon in Los Angeles from May 17th through the 21st
  • Orange County, CA on June 18th and 19th

Apply to enjoy some time with an beautiful, sexy, intelligent, and deliciously Dominant … Read the rest “Travel: DomCon and OC, CA”

Back from London and Paris

I decided that I wanted My trip to focus on historical sites, as I have an interest in European history. I visited the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, L’Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre. I … Read the rest “Back from London and Paris”