Birthday vacation and more presents

I had a lovely birthday vacation in Aruba…

MistressTissa_beach(the beach at my hotel)

Not really kinky, but look at how sexy that scene is!

My day was made more special by…


More flameless candles and money for a Mindplace Kasina for Temenos! Thank you, slave john!

He also made me a card. It said, “Happy BDay to the Woman who has more power than PECO…who can short circuit my brain with just 2 fingers”  You always make me laugh, slave john. 🙂  (PECO is our local power company.)

Then, I got this email:


Thank you for your gift and sweet note, slut b!! Hope to see you soon!

Then, from a sub who I will finally get to session with in the near future….


Thank you, sub c! Very thoughtful of you!

And then from someone who is absolutely delightful to play with…


Thank you, L!!

I appreciate the gifts very much, everyone!


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