Back in Philly…and birthday gifts

Back from a week in beautiful Maui! I spent much of My birthday week on the beach, having an adventure, or eating good food. There were several beautiful beaches near the condo I stayed at. I did a good amount of snorkeling and saw many beautiful fish and had another up-close with a sea turtle. She swam directly toward Me and stopped right in front of My face. I also drove to the highest point on the island (10,023 feet) on the dormant volcano of Haleakala.

Yes, as you can imagine, all My time in the sun resulted in a nice tan. Any other tan and tan-line fetishists out there?


While I was away, I received several emails with well wishes and some with e-gift cards and notifications of pending gifts…


Thank you for the kind words and gift, Luke!!



Thank you, pauletta!!

This sweet email from slave john:


Wow! Very excited to add a ET312 to My dungeon! Thank you, slave john!!!

…and when I returned home, I was delighted to be welcomed by several packages. Here are some of them:


A selection of sexy stockings from “an admirer”. Thank you!!


Some retro peep-toe pumps and thigh-high stockings. Thank you, mystery giver slave m!!


Two pair of fully-fashioned stockings in a lovely plum color! Thank you, slave m!!


A sexy, half-cup vinyl corset. Thank you, mystery giver slave m!


A pair of hot leatherette ankle boots! Thank you, mystery giver slave m!


This gorgeous basque and pair of thigh-high stockings. Thank you, mystery giver slave m!!

I have a feeling I know who the mystery giver is because he is one of the rare people who sends gifts with no notes or name included… I will verify this…

Edit: I was right. I was slave m! Even though he is no longer serving Me, he still continues to send Me wonderful gifts!

THANK YOU, everyone, for the wonderful birthday wishes and gifts! You helped make My day/week/season very special.

xo, Mistress Tissa

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