pauletta serves Me all day

I hadn’t seen pauletta in a couple of years — and it was time to change that.

After agreeing that it would be fantastic for her to serve all day long, she hopped on a plane to Philly.

First, she had to prove herself worthy to serve by cleaning My floors.


I think you missed a spot, bitch…


She then graduated to serving My feet. (Which I enjoyed so much that I neglected to take any photographs.)

pauletta then had the privilege of taking Me to a lovely dinner.


Once we returned, I demanded that pauletta strip and then restrained her on the cross.


See how she thrusts her ass out for Me? Further, pauletta, further…show Me how much you ache for it…

pauletta had asked for the honor of being whipped by Me. Specifically, she had never been whipped hard and wanted to know what it was like.

After giving her a taste, it was time for one to remember…


she shuddered and clung to the cross. I smiled.

I then moved her to My bench. It was time to have her truly earn her place.


…and that she did.

A short excerpt from pauletta:

O/our session allowed me to let go of my ego! It was so much fun!!

You were so gracious, and generous, and fun last night.

… I can’t thank You enough.

Thank you, pauletta! What a lovely day I had with you!


New to Temenos: Padded Bench

I upgraded My bench with this new piece:


As you can see, it’s very utilitarian. What I gave up in aesthetics I gained three-fold user-friendliness.

I wanted a bench that was very comfortable and would allow My subs/slaves/bottoms to be able to completely relax, if needed.

I had been looking at the benches Fetters produces and there was one I thought I wanted to buy, but upon further consideration it wouldn’t quite work. And if I’m going to pay $1500 + shipping from the UK, I want it to be an excellent fit for My needs.

So, while this humble piece is not My ideal, it will certainly work until I find My Ultimate Bench.

Now, come get spanked, sluts!