Sub G’s Testimonial

After I saw sub g last, he wrote this about me on

“Best Philly Domme”

To all those searching, stop
To all those seeking, stop
To all those yearning, stop!
I have found Her!
The Best Dominatrix on the east coast.
After a 30 year journey with some highs and lows, great sessions and disappointing sessions, I have found the best.
An inexplicably perfect blend of strict & sensual, strength & subtlety.
Mistress Tissa weaves a web of Dominance that you will never be able to untangle from.
When you step into her presence you know and feel immediately that you are in the presence of a truly superior being.
Every interaction just gets better and deeper.
If you believe yourself to be a connoisseur, then I urge you to reach out to the best!


Aw, thank you for your kind words, sub g!

4 thoughts on “Sub G’s Testimonial

  1. Very well written!! I could not have said it better myself and agree 100% with sub g. I have been tripping over that web of Dominance since I’ve met her. Your journey sounds so much like mine, maybe we’re twins. 🙂

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