I Think Gary Likes Me

“You are incredible,
You are amazing,
There is no one like you.
I believe that I am an experienced sub, A dedicated slave.
I have seen some amazing Dommes, had some incredible sessions.
But you … you are in a class all by yourself,
Words actually fail me!
In my 30 + year journey, I have never ever had anyone take me to where you took me, 
This was absolutely next level.
You took my mind, my body, indeed my very soul, to places and depths that I have never experienced.
Whether it was kneeling with my hands secured, or the Sleep sack, you positively owned me.
Yet of course, even with all that, it is the words that you whisper into my ear, into the depths of my conscience that just brought me to a totally different dimension.
I have always said that if you control the mind you control the slave/sub, it is your incredible superior intellect and superior mind that just totally overwhelms me and owns my mind…
I thank you from every part of my mind, body and soul.”

Gary is clearly drunk on Tissa Juice! Can you blame him for taking another shot? 😉

6 thoughts on “I Think Gary Likes Me

  1. Gary, If I was behind the bar I would start to question if I could give you anymore juice. What you have consumed has blurred your vision somewhat. Were you able to drive home after session? The consensus certainly agrees with you. On your next session you will be given an official TA card (Tissa Anonymous). This is an exclusive club in that no one has tried to be cured of Tissa’s hold yet. The Monkey agrees and fpet gave a good description. I would say “You’re traveling through another dimension- a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Tissa Zone!” That my friend is my next destination hopefully in the next week. Good luck to all the other addicted zombies and make an appt. for your medicinal relief.

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