Professional Scammer: Indian Mistress Seema

Scammers rarely create a website, primarily due to the time and money involved, but also because of the “paper trail” that can come with establishing one. “” is one rare exception.

The person/people running this site has been at this since at least 2020.

I first came across this site when searching the internet for my own work. What I found was the worst case of plagiarism I’ve experienced: they had literally just copied and pasted SEVERAL of the pages from the my site. In some cases, they didn’t even bother removing my name from the text! (I talked about this here.)

I immediately contacted both the host and the registrar. I had the entire site taken down in four days.

But it continues to come back.

Its latest incarnation.

All the photos on the site are of Mistress Ezada (, presumably because she looks like she could be Indian. I contacted her, when I first found the site, to let her know her work had been stolen. I’m not sure why they’re still there, unless she didn’t take any action.

The site has also included text from other Dommes, such as Mistress Ruby Enraylls ( It seems that though some, maybe all, of that has been removed, it’s clear that our writing has been used as a template, changing adjectives or parts of a sentence so it doesn’t look like obvious plagiarism.

So, though looking for a website — or lack thereof — is a good way to determine someone’s legitimacy, it’s not a 100% fool-proof method. You then need to check for the person’s presence elsewhere on the internet. Social media and many advertisers should be treated with caution because they’re free and anyone can set them up. Evidence of longevity, which is also very useful, can also be maneuvered through by the most tenacious of scammers.

When it comes down to it, knowing who’s out there and who has a reputation as real is ultimately what’s going to help you not get scammed by people like “Mistress Indian Seema”, who actually isn’t a real person at all.

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