Instead of “Thanksgiving Day” I prefer to call it “Gratitude Day”. There’s a lot I could say about why, but let’s just skip to the gratitude part.

I have a lot to be grateful for. And I try to make it a habit to acknowledge this to the Cosmos around us.

New players. This year I’ve had several new people come for a session with me. Some really fantastic folx, both younger and older. Some who looked and found me, a few referred to me (thank you to those who made the referrals). Open minds, open hearts. Even after several years, I am still humbled by the ability for some people to just let go and surrender to someone they just met.

My “regulars”. Many of whom come for an adventure with me like clockwork, every month (sometimes more often). And some of whom who have been coming to me for several years. I truly mean it when I say I never tire of sessioning with you. I find that over time the familiarity I have with you creates this (hopefully mutual) comfort than inspires my creativity and allows me to let down my own guard. Very rewarding experiences.

Thank you for choosing me to be your Dominant. Thank you for your gifts (both monetarily and energetically). Thank you for your trust in me.

With affection and appreciation,

Mistress Tissa

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