Kink In The Mainstream: Sally Jessy Raphael, 1988

Some great Dommes here.

I get a kick out of reading the faces in the audience to see which men are trying to hide or play off how excited they are.

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  1. Thank You for sharing this Mistress Tissa. I’ve never seen this show before but I generally enjoyed watching this episode. It was a bit arousing seeing several dominant women in such a public forum. I was also very interested in seeing people’s faces in the audience and wondering how many of them were truly excited by it. I had hoped someone would come to the stage and worship Mistress Kelie’s boots, or that she would use that gag on someone, but she was correct that no one in the audience was ready to do that publicly.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I love finding these things. I wish I would have seen it in 1988!

      I’d have LOVED to have seen any of these Dommes ask for audience participation for a “demonstration”. Especially Mistress Kellie with that guy who said told her he thought she had a “problem”. Loved her response: stand up, show him a gag, and say, “Would you like to help me with my problem?” LOL!

  2. I wonder what kind of mail she received about this episode. Probably everything from
    “what kind of demon witchcraft…!!?!” to “can you please help me meet Mistress Kellie?”

    1. Oh wow, I hadn’t even considered the fact that everyone who saw this could reach out to these Dominant Women after the show ended… Women from the audience could ask about being more dominant themselves and men could reach out about exploring the side of themselves they usually keep hidden. It was truly kind and generous of those brave Women to be on the show in such an open and public way, and help educate so many people.

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