Have You Been a Victim Of WTFWTS?

Have you visited a Domme and…

She didn’t feel very dominant? (“What do you want to do now?”)

She didn’t seem into the scene? (She looked at her phone half the time.)

She didn’t get you? (She forgot you wanted X and Y and didn’t even remember your name.

Stop. There is help available for disappointed subs, slaves, and sluts.

 A genuine, competent, and engaging Dominant woman is standing by*.

 A Serious Pro for Serious Hos: Mistress Tissa.

*May cause feelings of subspace, elation, and inner peace.

5 thoughts on “Have You Been a Victim Of WTFWTS?”

  1. I can confirm! I’ve seen Mistress Tissa several times and She is truly a natural Dominant Woman. When I see Her, She is completely present, and 100% engaged. She has also spent considerable time asking questions and understanding me better than I understand myself. Don’t be disappointed any more, make the right choice and visit Mistress Tissa. She’s the real deal.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, slave 70!

      This sounds like exactly the kind of testimonial that accompanies the ad I was trying to emulate, but I promise you I didn’t put him up to it!

  2. I have been fortunate in the last 30 plus years to have seen well over 100 Dominants. I also have had the misfortune of seeing over 70 who did not have a clue or did not give a f##k. Some have been disasters that I have called off half way through,the old it’s not you it’s me. I have met maybe 6-7 who were really good and I maybe wanted to see again. One I was hooked on, then I met Ms Tissa. I can’t believe how every session is different but tailored to me. I have been seeing her for over 6 years now and WOW! I feel like I’m flying in session, if i wasn’t tied down I swear i would float. I am a n/t slut and Mistress takes me to the higher ground every session. Please if your on the fence GET OFF! If you want a baby steps session or a drag through the streets session you’ve found the right Mistress in Tissa. Do not be afraid and lose the experience of a lifetime. A session with her will have you speaking tongues when you leave . disclaimer, I am an addicted pig slut to Ms Tissa and she keeps my brain in a jar. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the lovely words, slave john! One thing: you’ve been my nipple slut for over 7 years, not 6. Times flies when your brain is in a jar. 😉

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