Let’s Talk Plagiarism…Again

I have seen yet another Domme plagiarize me. I don’t know if this is being done intentionally or in ignorance. Either way, let me give some examples for any Dommes who are reading my blog and counterfeiting my ideas, or those of another, as their own.

Example: If I say I’m “a highly-reviewed, ultra professional, and bad @$$ Dominatrix” and you say, “I’m a highly professional, well-reviewed, fantastic Dominatrix”, you are doing what’s called “mosaic plagiarism”. You cannot just rearrange someone’s sentence, swap words and consider it your own work.

Another example: If I use an analogy to describe myself and my work, say that I don’t offer “McDonalds”-, “McDomination”-, “McKink”-, “fast-food”-, “drive-through”-, “pick-up-window”-, and “waitress”-style Domination — all of which I’ve done in my Eros ad and website — your using the same analogy means you are plagiarizing my work and ideas.

I realize that this may be news to some. You may not understand what plagiarism is, exactly. You may think it’s only if you copy something verbatim. It’s not. It’s stealing people’s ideas, not crediting them, and trying to pass them off as your own.

I encourage you to read up on what constitutes plagiarism. It will save you embarrassment (at best) and a lawsuit (at worst). People don’t really like their ideas being stolen by others. My ideas are not fair game for other Dommes to steal and use to sell themselves.

Again, PLEASE stop plagiarizing. It’s in your best interest. You don’t want to look unprofessional and like a person who lacks the creativity to come up with your own material. Think about what that says about you as a Domme and how existing or potential clients will perceive you. Thank you!

Edit: Someone asked Me where this is happening and if they should report people who are plagiarizing. I’ll leave that up to you.

The place I have seen it is in the “Dom & Fetish” section of Backpage.com, where, coincidentally, I don’t advertise.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Plagiarism…Again

    • Thank you, Peter! It’s very difficult to avoid these kind of copycats as a Dominatrix, but once you know who they are, then, yes, it’s best to avoid them. Creative types need to watch out for low- or non-creative types. They usually like to sniff around and duplicate other people’s work, pretending they came up with it. As a lifelong creative person, I’ve had people trying to counterfeit My ideas as their own since I was a kid.

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