“Best Domme in Tri State? Mistress Tissa!!”

“in my 30 year journey, finding myself through the guidance of so many wonderful Dommes, I have never found anyone like Mistress Tissa. the intelligence, intensity, imagination & articulation, is a combination that has left me spinning for days after each visit. I am a better sub after each amazing session.
In truth I simply can’t praise Mistress Tissa enough, I recommend you see for yourself.”


Thank you for the lovely testimonial, sub g!

2 thoughts on ““Best Domme in Tri State? Mistress Tissa!!”

  1. A wonderful tribute by subg that is seconded by me. He refers to the sense of spinning days after a session. Mistress has got me spinning so bad I’ve literally fainted 2x in session. Talk about subspace….whew! Take your Dramamine before session it’s a wild ride. 🙂

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