New: BDSMlog Member Posts

I’ve made some changes so that some of my posts will be viewable only if you have registered and are logged in. These are not the same posts you need to be an Exclusive member to view, these are for anyone with a basic membership, which is free.

Mistress, what is the point is making people register and log in to see free stuff?

There are a lot of bots that crawl around the internet “scraping” websites for content. This means they’re programmed to steal photos, videos, etc. I see them hit my site on a daily basis. If I put posts behind a barrier which requires the viewer to be logged in it will prevent that.

You will know what posts they are because it will tell you that you have to log in to view them and they will be in the category “BDSMlog Member“.

If you have any questions please comment below.

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