Testimonial From slave 70

I welcomed slave 70 to Temenos recently. Here is what he wrote to me afterward:

I greatly appreciate you inviting me into Your world and into Temenos for the afternoon. I appreciate all the time, effort and energy You clearly must have devoted to making today such a success. It was all I had hoped for, and so much more.

…You looked absolutely stunning. In my opinion You look even better in person than in Your photos. I hear people use this phrase a lot, but I genuinely mean it.

…Your Dominant commanding presence and probing eyes overwhelmed me. But I also loved seeing you betray a beautiful smile here and there, like when You were setting up or adjusting the ropes or torturing me with various things. I appreciate how You kept me on my toes the whole time, challenging me, pushing me and questioning me. I also really got into You training me to respond to Your commands appropriately; actually I loved that!

As I drove home, I was thinking about how the world feels very different, in a sense fresh and new. I feel a bit like Neo from the Matrix “waking up” and seeing the world with a completely new perspective. … And I’m already hearing Your voice echo in my head, helping to guide me as I make choices, good choices that is. Thank You for that.

Today was an incredible day; so many things were perfect for me. It was quite easy for me to fall under Your spell, as You truly are a naturally Dominant person. I do hope You will permit me to see You again soon; I would be a very lucky slave to have that honor.

Thank you, slave 70! I’m elated I was able to help you achieve this in only our first session. Looking forward to what may come!

(And, yes, of course you’re welcome to visit again.)

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