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I think some people aren’t sure of scope and intensity of play I offer. So I’ll discuss it a little more.

First, the context for everything I do is through my having a genuinely Dominant personality. Because I actually want to be in control, and not create an illusion that I am, the default context I use is power exchange — unless it has been negotiated out, such as a bottom just wanting an impact or bondage session.

Then, I’m a sensual sadist, or sometimes just a sadist. I like to incorporate both sensual and sadistic elements in my scenes, or sometimes just sadistic ones. For those who don’t know, sensuality and sadism aren’t just some extreme example you may imagine; they have a range of expression. Both can be mild as much as they could be heavy. In my professional scenes, my sensualism is more on the milder side of the spectrum, while my sadism can range from mild to heavy.

Important to know is that although I like sensual elements, I do not offer purely sensual scenes. The reason is because it feels like I’m just performing a sensual service top role rather than engaging in BDSM. This isn’t interesting to me as a Dominant and sadist. If you have no desire to feel ANY kind of discomfort, even mild, on either a physical or emotional level, then I’m left wondering why you want to see a Dominatrix. You’re likely better off with another type of provider.

Now, while I enjoy intense play, I don’t exclusively or even heavily advertise myself as a sadist because one of my areas of expertise is introducing new people to kink in a way that leaves them feeling safe and energized. I have had a lot of people new to BDSM book sessions with me and I don’t want those people who have not yet learned the ways of the scene think I look “too intense” or “too mean” and that I’m not right for them because they haven’t yet learned that some Dommes have range.

But I also realize that masochists — especially the heavy type — will believe that unless a Domme is showing you all the heavy play she does, that she must not do it. This is a fair assessment but not accurate.

The challenge is to find a balance so I don’t alienate anyone.

So, while I enjoy offering “intro BDSM” for brand-spanking new, or even, spanking brand new folx (heehee), I also enjoy heavy play. Just be clear what you’re looking for when you request a session.

The only scenes I turn down are those by people who obviously don’t understand the danger of what they’re asking or who I would not trust to do certain activities with.

2 thoughts on “More About My Style

  1. i can attest to what an ideal fit MT’s style was for me. She is great for a beginner but there is boundless depth to explore. With others after a couple of sessions i’ve felt like i’ve “touched the bottom of the pool” in terms of exploring what is possible with them. With MT after several sessions i still go into each one with new excitement wondering where She will take me. Genuine dominance can’t be faked.

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